Happy Wednesday!

Another day without work! Woke up this morning to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  Also read more of The Half-Blood Prince! 🙂

Then, I cleaned my room for house guests! A coworker of my mom and her daughter came today, and I took them on a tour through campus.  Her daughter is looking at colleges to attend, and I was more than happy to show them the ins and outs of Shippensburg!

Now, I am going to go on a little rant now and tell you about some of my weaknesses:

Weakness #1: Animals

I think that I could be a crazy animal person for the rest of my life and be totally cool with it.  On a daily basis, I check the following websites: The Daily Puppy and Good Morning Kitten. I have an obsessions with baby animals, especially dogs and cats.  Including my own crazy kitty.  I want about 23598 animals once I have my own house 🙂

Spider-kitty scaling the screen!

Weakness #2: How I Met Your Mother

My roommate and I could watch this show for an entire day without stopping.  I love the cast, story line, and humor within the show, and I cannot pass it up if I see it on TV.  It is definitely one of those mindless things that I add to my days just to relax.  Everyone needs something to unwind with.  I think I have seen certain episodes a hundred times and they never get old!

Best show ever!!

Weakness # 3: Salty Foods

Of all kinds of foods, salty are definitely my favorite!! I love pretzels. All kinds of pretzels: soft pretzels, hard pretzels, flavored pretzels.  I really love yogurt covered pretzels. Yum yum!  I have also taken to making my own soft pretzels from time to time.  After getting the hang out it, I can now make a pretty good-looking (and tasting) pretzel!

Homemade soft pretzels

Weakness # 4: Andrew McMahon

Sorry, Travis, but as you know, Andrew McMahon is the love of my life.  Pathetically enough, I met him one time, and as Trav will remind me, was completely speechless! For those of you who don’t know, Andrew McMahon is the lead singer of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, my all-time favorite bands.  I have seen Something Corporate once (GET BACK TOGETHER!!!) and Jack’s Mannequin three times, and I am seeing them again August 7th! Andrew is kind of my second boyfriend, whether he knows it or not.  I love his strength, passion, voice, looks… He is a leukemia survivor, and his documentary, Dear Jack, is so touching.

Me and Andrew, Summer 2008

Those are some of the most prominent weaknesses I have.  And not just pretzels, but food in general, always seems to make me happy. I got cookies as a treat for taking the ladies on a campus tour, and I greatly appreciated them (and I have eaten quite a few!) We also went to a new cafe/restaurant in Shippensburg called Biscotti.  I tried their one pasta dish, and it was FANTASTIC!

And the best part of my day: I finally finished the sixth book in the Harry Potter series! Now on to the Deathly Hallows! 🙂

Work-out for Wednesday:

  • 1 hour on the elliptical (~7 miles)
  • Core/butt exercises
  • GREAT whole body stretch
What I read while on the elliptical that fit in well to the anxiety post I had the other day:
“If you set low expectations, chances are you won’t rise. A lot of self-deprecation comes from anxiety about what may happen, and the body tends to follow those negative instructions.” (JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Fitness Magazine) Well, let go of my anxiety, and I may perform better! Now, if I could only determine how to reduce anxiety…
Good night! 🙂


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11 responses to “Weaknesses

  1. Oh gracious, a website devoted to adorable puppies?! This could be hours of “awww”ing! 😉 Going to check that out as soon as I leave this comment. I’m with ya – I’d have a tons of pets if I could. My husband is a one-pet-in-the-household kinda guy, though. I might be able to talk him into a second one in a couple of years, but for now he’s pretty stuck on the one. 😉 I volunteered at a local humane shelter and just wanted to bring all the little animals home with me.

    Also, your homemade pretzel looks completely impressive! I’ve never tried my hand at making pretzels, but it seems difficult. Kudos to you!

  2. Did I know that you were a huge Andrew McMahon fan!?!?! I’m obsessed with him / love him / saw him and fell even more in love with him / If Something Corporate doesn’t get back together, I’ll cry / IM SO JEALOUS YOU MET HIM. Okay, that’s enough. But really, I love Andrew.

    • Oh man, being a huge fan is an understatement. I would totally break up his marriage if I could in order to marry him myself hhahaha. At first when I found out Something Corporate was doing a reunion show last summer, the only places were kind of far and I was considering forking over lots of money to see them. But thankfully, they added a show in DC which just happened to be where I was living. How convenient! 🙂 I am glad to know you share my love for him.

  3. I’m a little obsessed with pretzels too. I just ate a bunch sitting at my desk! 🙂

    I really want to watch that documentary – I watched the trailer online and it looks so touching!

    • The documentary is really good! I have a copy of it and watch it all of the time. It definitely gives me a good perspective on my own life and gives me more motivation to make a difference in the lives of others!

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