There’s No Place Like Home

Last night, I tutored for an hour, and then I headed home to my parent’s house.  134 miles on the PA Turnpike and 30 minutes worth of construction traffic later, I arrived at the only house I have lived in for all of my life.  It feels so weird now to refer to it as “my parent’s house” as though I don’t live there as well.  But in reality, I spend less than 30 days there a year.  It is always a great feeling to pull into the driveway, open the garage door, and have my favorite 8 year old puppy greet me at the door with a smile on his face.  I brought Geno along for the visit, and he and the dog are starting to get acclimated.

My favorite doggy!

It was great to spend a night in my big, cozy bed with AIR CONDITIONING!  This morning, I woke up and it looked beautiful outside.  I went to Zumba at the dance studio I used to go to when I was younger, and then I decided to go back to the place where I worked for 6 summers.  I worked as a lifeguard, and a lot of my old coworkers are still there, so I went to visit! It started out as a beautiful day to be at the pool, but unfortunately thundered and drizzled so I ended up leaving earlier than expected.  It was still nice to catch up with friends who I basically grew up with and now only see during the summers. Plus, I got a somewhat decent swim in as well.  I love swimming in an outdoor pool!

The pool!

My parents and I went to dinner at the Elks Club where I have gone to eat practically every Friday night of my life while living at home.  It is less than a five minute walk from my house, and we know basically everyone there.  Definitely made me feel at home! After, my mom and I watched “Going the Distance” with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. Though the movie wasn’t that great, I now have a new love for Justin Long! 🙂

Cutie 🙂

Well, I am off to read in bed until I fall asleep! Big day of shopping with my mama and grandma in the morning! Night, all!

Question for you: What makes you feel at home?

Exercise for Friday:

  • 1 hour of Zumba
  • Swim:
    • Warm-up: 2 x (200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull) + 200 swim [1400 yards]
    • Set 1: 12 x 50 on 1:00 — odd: scull, drill; even: drill, swim [600 yards]
    • Set 2: 20 x 25 on :30 — 5 x the following: [500 yards]
        • 12.5 hard, 12.5 easy
        • 12.5 easy, 12.5 hard
        • 25 hard
        • 25 easy
    • 200 pull
    • 100 kick
    • Cool-down: 200 yards
    • Total: 3000 yards


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2 responses to “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. I love the feeling of going home too! It’s still weird to be off on my own now, even though we still visit. Your dog is SO adorable!! 🙂

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