Trip to the Fair

Howdy, everyone!

Another day at work for me! Unfortunately the scheduling system for student scheduling was not working, so it was a little bit stressful. After work, though, was a fun time! This week in town has been the Shippensburg Community Fair.

Some fair rides!

The roommate, BF, and I went for dinner.  I was really craving a soft pretzel, but the booth wasn’t open, so I just got a smoothie.  They have a ton of food there, though! Fried green beans, ox roast sandwiches, Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie milkshakes!! Who has even heard of some of these things??

I had to leave kind of early, though, to tutor my little BFF, but then Travis and I took her to the fair afterward for dessert.  This time, the soft pretzel line was open! Hooray! And I had some delicious soup, too!

Yummy candy apple!

Short post today, but I should get around to a good one tomorrow! Last day of new student orientation = stress will be gone in time for the weekend! 🙂

Day off of exercising for me, too, unless you count running from building to building on campus all morning to make sure things were going smoothly!

Night, night! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!



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2 responses to “Trip to the Fair

  1. Man that candy apple looks DELICIOUS!!! 😛 Now I want one…thanks Nikki! LOL!

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