Wonderful weekend! :)

Hola, amigos! Hope everyone had a terrific weekend! I have come to the realization that Saturday posts just don’t fit into my weekends, so here is a full recap!

Saturday morning, the BF and I woke up early (kinda, if you consider 8 early) and headed out on a long bike ride.  We used MapMyRide to map a 25 mile loop around the area, but with a minor detour it ended up being 28 miles! It was definitely a great ride!

The route we tried to follow...

After the ride, I went to see Annie Jr. in Chambersburg.  My 9 year-old mentee went to theater camp this summer, and I went to see her performance.  It was adorable, and she was so cute as an orphan. Afterward, Travis and I headed to Germantown, MD to spend some time with my sister and dad.  Saturday night was pretty low-key. We had a great dinner and then settled down to watch Life As We Know It. The movie was a cute romantic comedy for anyone who is interested in seeing it!

The face that greeted us when we arrived!

Today, we woke up early and went to IHOP! There isn’t one by my house in Shippensburg, so it is always a nice treat to go there.  They have good fit items which made me enjoy breakfast even more.  And then after IHOP, I had my first Trader Joe’s experience! Needless to say, I loved it! I think I need to go back already! 🙂 Because we had other stops to make after the store, I couldn’t get anything cold.  I did get a lot of great snack foods, though.

My goodies!

Happy about our shopping excursion!

After Trader Joe’s, we made a few more stops.  First, we went to Five Below.  I always find things there that I don’t need but buy anyway.  This time I got sunglasses, a cooler bag, and come paper clips.  The last stop we made was at REI.  I wish I had the money to buy all of the bike supplies and clothing there! I think I need a loan to buy everything I want but don’t need! Too bad they don’t give grants for those trying to buy exercise equipment!

Here are some of the things we found at Five Below:

An entire Justin Bieber birthday section!?

My sister getting ready for football season already!

We spent the afternoon lounging poolside before heading back to Shippensburg.  For some reason, there is never anyone at her pool! All in all, it was definitely a relaxing get-away, which was much needed after the long week of new student orientation at work!

The awesome pool at my sister's

I will be going back to my sister’s house in a few weeks.  Any must haves I should pick up at Trader Joe’s?

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Any cycling accessories that I need to purchase?



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10 responses to “Wonderful weekend! :)

  1. ittybitsofbalance

    My favorite part of my weekend was my day spent with my family today 🙂

  2. What cute puppie! 🙂 That is quite a pool! Wow!

  3. Aww what a wonderful weekend you had here! That pool looks like a perfect way to spend the day in the hot weather we have had!
    I loveee Trader Joe’s and these are the things I ALWAYS get: Caramel Corn (fat free), TJ’s Roasted and Salted AB, Turkey Jurkey, TJs version of Kashi cereals, dried mangos and pineapple, mixed nuts (much cheaper there) and they have unique soups I like to try… a recent favorite was a roasted vegetable one I tried.
    My favorite part of the weekend was tubing and waterskiing 😀

  4. Yayyy, so glad you went to TJ’s! I definitely recommend the whole grain pretzels, blueberry bran muffins, and dried mango!

  5. My favorite trader joes goodies: Oat ‘n’ Wheat bran swirls (in the cereal section, but I eat them like cookies!), chocolate almond biscotti, tomato basil hummus, egg white salad, and I’ve heard the mango curd is really good but I haven’t tried it yet! Also all the fruit and nuts are super cheap and they have a good variety.
    Hahaha 5 below is sort of crazy. I love all the useless stuff I find there. It’s a good place to get people silly gifts!

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