Highs and Lows

Hello to all of you in blog world! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Wednesday!

I did a lot of thinking today considering I had nothing on the agenda.  The one thing I realized is how important some of the little things in my life can be. One of the most important things that I never really thought about occurs in my night time routine.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for approximately four years.  We started dating freshman year of college, and a few months into our relationship, we started a trend.  Every night before bed, we would ask each other the highs and lows of our days.  Whether we spent the whole day together during the school year or told our highs and lows over the phone due to summer distance, we made a point to tell them to each other.


Well, you may be wondering…what exactly are our highs and lows?  Ups and downs, high points and low points, best and worst parts of the day.  The two of us will sit down (or lay down) at night and discuss the best and most exciting part of our day and also what we didn’t enjoy or what didn’t go so well.  The deal is that we both must think of something for each category.  If we really and truly can’t think of a low point, we’re able to let it slide, but the high points are a must!

Some days, when I struggle to come up with something to say for my high point, I am forced to look for something pleasant in even the worst of days.  This is such a great thing for me.  Even on the worst day, I have to find the bit of light that I may have missed.  Suppose a day didn’t go so well and I am stressed beyond belief.  Well, that’s not a good enough excuse.  I have to find something that made the day a great day to live.  This whole idea of highs and lows makes me more optimistic.


What makes me feel even better is when one of the BF’s highs is due to something I did.  For example, the other night, I asked him what his highs and lows were.  His high point of the day was the meal I made for dinner.  Yay! One point for me and an added confidence boost!

So, my advice to you: If you’re ever having a rough day, ask yourself the high point of the day.  Find something that you may have overlooked that was a positive part of your stressful schedule. Focus on the positives rather than the negatives to boost your spirits and keep you looking forward into a great life!

Here you go…my highs and lows of today!

High: My padding riding shorts arriving in the mail! Can’t wait to try them out on the road tomorrow! 🙂

Low: My workout not going as planned… I attempted to do a running ladder on the treadmill.

My goal workout:

  • Walk warm-up for 2 minutes
  • 1 mile at 6.0 pace
  • 1 mile at 6.5 pace
  • 1 mile at 7.0 pace
  • 1 mile at 6.5 pace
  • 1 mile at 6.0 pace
  • Walk cool-down
I did the first 3 miles and then couldn’t make the fourth mile.  I ended up running the 4th mile at 6.0 and then walked the final mile.  I still did 5 miles, just not how I had intended.
Here is the lift sequence I did:
  • Push-up rows (3 sets of 12 each side)

  • Step ups with weights (3 sets of 20)
  • Squats with overhead press (3 sets of 10)
  • Bridge flies (3 sets of 15)

  • Glute press machine (3 sets of 12 each side)
  • Back extension machine (3 sets of 12)
Thankfully, my lift went better than my cardio did!

What were your high points and low points for today? 

Do you have any strategies for looking at the positive aspects of your life?



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12 responses to “Highs and Lows

  1. ittybitsofbalance

    You & I are the same in the fact that our boyfriends high points are very influential in determining our own. Whenever I surprise Will with anything and he tells me that it “made his day”– I definitely feel on top of the world 🙂

    To focus on the positive in my life, I’m very strict with myself about counting my blessings on a daily basis. I always try to keep in mind all of the things I have going for me, so there’s barely any room for little things to bring me down

  2. I really like the idea of this! Like you said, even if you can’t initially find something that is more positive, it forces you to consider a few options and there is always something “high” going on 🙂
    Nice job on that workout, you still did a great job even if it was not the exact way you wanted it to go.
    My high for yesterday- hanging out with my BF at the beach 🙂
    Low- getting stuck in traffic on the way home… the commute took so dang long 😦

  3. I really like that idea a lot! Sometimes I feel like my husband and I just come home and complain to each other… forcing ourselves to list off some high-points would help with that. And seeing each other be positive about something would probably help our relationship to boot! Okay, you are officially our counselor now 🙂 haha and by the way, at least you got the 5 miles in! Mission accomplished!

  4. I really need to start doing this with my husband! My mom always asks me this everyday, but it would be good to do with the husband too. It definitely makes you appreciate the little things, and even when I feel like my day was horrible, I find something that made it okay. 🙂

  5. we do this too! it helps appreciate the small victories for sure! now try it with the whole week. Makes it even more fun. Enjoy your padded short. weeeee!!!!!!

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