Canada Bound

Happy Wednesday!

As I mentioned in my post about August, I am heading to Canada tomorrow morning until Sunday! My whole family + the BF are heading to Niagara Falls to camp/sight-see. The BF has never been there before, and I am so excited to go with him! 🙂 Maybe we will run into Robin Scherbatsky (any How I Met Your Mother fans??)!

We are staying at a Jellystone Yogi Bear campground! 🙂

One of the only downfalls of the trip is not having a way to get a good workout in.  I know I can always run, but not knowing anything about where I will be is not the best conditions for a run.  I know we will be walking a lot to sights around the area, but hopefully the weekend won’t put a bigger wrench in my bike training.  About that… the weather/traveling has been making it fairly challenging to ride lately.  Hopefully next week will allow for more time to train!

I am also hoping that next weekend will let me complete the Body By Bethenny yoga DVD that I won from Jess’s blog!!! My roommate told me yesterday that it came in the mail, and I cannot wait to get home and try it out! I am still so excited that I won the DVD, and just wanted to thank Jess again! Go check out her blog!

Last night, I made my obligatory “I am at my sister’s and close to a Trader Joe’s” trip and came back with so many goodies! Some of the things I bought were from suggestions from all of you! 🙂 The sad part is that I couldn’t get any fresh produce or anything frozen or refrigerated because I won’t be back to my house for about a week. I made sure to pick up lots of cereals (Puffins, Strawberry Yogurt-Os, and Fruit and Nut Medley), baking mixes (Triple Berry Bran Muffins, Guilt-Free Brownies), rice cakes, dried mango, multi-grain pretzels, rice pasta, flax-seed, and a Clif MOJO bar (peanut butter and pretzels! my two favorites!). I got other stuff, too, but that’s an overview! I just love that place, and I could spend forever there.

A phone picture featuring about half of my TJ's groceries!

On the agenda for today:

  • Walk to the post office to drop off my job application: I told you that I would have more news about this soon, but I want to wait until I find out more information before telling everyone. I don’t want to jinx myself! 🙂
  • Go to the pool: I want to go to the pool both to work out and to relax.  I am using a common workout from high school and college, modifying it, and attempting to finish it today!
  • Head to my parent’s house in Pittsburgh: We are leaving from Pittsburgh in the morning for Canada!
Here’s my swim workout.  It is based off of the twister workout my teams did in the past.  I rearranged it and made it my own, and now I am going to swim it this afternoon! I think the pool at my sister’s housing complex is in meters, so I don’t know what my intervals will be yet!
Warm-up: 400 swim
Reverse Twister set: 3750
Round 1: Swim
5 x 100
5 x 75
5 x 50
5 x 25
Round 2: Pull
4 x 100
4 x 75
4 x 50
4 x 25
Round 3: Kick
3 x 100
3 x 75
3 x 50
3 x 25
Round 4: Drill
2 x 100
2 x 75
2 x 50
2 x 25
Round 5: Swim
1 x 100
1 x 75
1 x 50
1 x 25
Cool-down: 250 swim
Total: 4400
If I would have thought ahead, I would have scheduled for guest posts until Sunday, but I wasn’t on the ball with this one.  Therefore, this will most likely be my next post until Sunday.  I doubt we will have internet connection at a campground in a foreign country! Don’t miss me too much! 🙂
Any suggestions for ways to get a workout in while I am away?
Any more must-have suggestions for future Trader Joe’s trips?
Anything exciting that you’ll be doing while I am away?


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23 responses to “Canada Bound

  1. Ahh I am so jealous of your trip, I have never been to Niagra Falls either! Definiltey am planning to do this one day though 🙂
    And about working out while you are away… first of all, try not to worry about it too much and just get some exercise in when you can. Having said that, I know the feeling I get when I don’t workout properly so when i am traveling I like to run and walk…and also do circuit workouts with sprints, body weight exercises, and a whole bunch of other stuff thrown in there. You can do this sort of workout anywhere… you just need an open-ish area, either on a field, in a parking lot, driveway, seriously anywhere!
    Check out either of these workouts I did over the summer- they involved BW stuff, sprints and all that jazz (and I was flippen exhausted after each one!)

    I love all your products from Trader Joe’s, nice choices right there 🙂 Don’t forget any of their nut butters next time you go!

    • Thank you for the suggestions! 🙂 I hope that I at least can find somewhere to run that I feel comfortable. I have no idea what our campground will be like or anything! And I love Niagara Falls…you should definitely get there one day!

  2. Have a great time! I live right by Niagara Falls on the American side, so well be close!

  3. Er

    Aside from Barney, Robin is my favorite character! I love when she makes Canadian references and thinks they are funny and they all make fun of her! And the Robin Sparkles episodes are hilarious.

  4. I am so spoiled to have a trader joes about 15 minutes away! I love that place. I’ve been seeing the yogurt – o’s around the blog world a bit, so I’ll have to check those out next time! They have the best fruit and nut mixes ever.
    Have fun on your trip!! I always forget about workout DVD’s as a good vacation option. Also they would be good in the winter when we’re snowed in and I can’t get to the gym… I don’t know why I never thought of that!

    • Ahhh so jealous of you! I wish I had a TJ’s that close! 🙂 And I love workout videos when I need to switch up my workout, but I won’t even have my computer with me…totally cut off from the electronic world! Eek! haha

  5. Aww have fun in Canada! Enjoy the time away from blogging. 🙂

  6. Are you bringing your laptop? The ‘ToneItUp’ girls have some great, quick workouts! Or Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD break up the workouts into 20 minutes each.

  7. Love that swim work-out!! I can never come up with work-outs anymore. I totally relied on coaches – so I’m stealing that. ha
    Have fun in Niagra Falls! I usually walk so much site-seeing on vacation, that it kinda makes up for the lack of high-intensity exercise, but I like Tessa’s workouts – bloggers are awesome.

    • I know…bloggers are awesome 🙂 And I didn’t really make that whole thing up…it is something from back in the Babik days, I just changed it around a little. And definitely steal it if you want…nothing wrong with that!

  8. Okay, so you would know…just started swimming and my appetite is out of control! Recently, I had been working out 6 times a week varying from short four mile runs to the elliptical or cycle. Now, I am swimming 5 times a week about a mile at a time (takes me 45 min…I know slow!). I have low blood sugar and I have noticed that it drops more often now that I am swimming. Do you think swimming burns more cals and that is why I am so hungry?

    • When I was swimming more often (I only swim about five times a month now) I could eat whatever I wanted and not see any change in weight. I have noticed that it is not the same with running. I definitely feel as though swimming uses more muscle groups which may have something to do with the amount of calories burnt!

  9. Aww, thanks for the shout out, Nikki! You’re very welcome! 🙂

    I hope your trip is great — can’t wait to hear about it!

  10. Your swim workout makes me miss my swim team days terribly. I love to swim but haven’t done a real set in years, I should really get back in the water soon.

    By the way, I’m a huge HIMYM fan, every time I think of Canada I think of Robin. Haha.

    Have an amazing trip!

  11. I’m so jealous! I’ve never been to Canada or Niagra Falls… Have fun for me, please!

    PS: For working out, this spring when I went camping my friend and I did a lot of plyometrics and bodyweight workouts. Basically things like burpees and push ups. Oh and if you just flat out don’t want to, then don’t! 🙂

    PPS: I love ROBIN!!

  12. LOL! I love How I Met Your Mother!! So freaking funny!! Have fun! 😀

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