Hola! How’s everyone on this hump day?

Before I continue, I must touch on my title for this post.  You may recall that I had mentioned riding a bike in a shirt while it was raining.  I can now check another activity off my list. Can you use the acronym to figure it out? Any guesses? No? Well, I’ll just tell you: Today, I rode my bike to work while wearing a skirt and heels.  BISAH: Biking in Skirt and Heels. HA. Too bad I couldn’t take a picture of myself while doing this.  I am sure I got quite a lot of strange looks, but I am quite proud of my new accomplishment! 🙂

Guess I am not the first person to have done this! 🙂


Speaking of mastering new skills and crossing things off to-do lists, I read about a new website in Fitness magazine last night.  Ever heard of I looked into it, and it is pretty sweet! Their catch line: “DailyFeats helps you do good things, every day, for health and happiness.” Basically, you log different things that you do throughout the day to make your life healthy and happy.  Each thing you log is based on a point value, and once you get enough points, you can get stuff.  Like, for 5000 points, you can get a $10 gift card! I only started last night and I am almost to 800 points! You don’t have to enter any personal information, so I hope there is no catch! I guess I will find out when I earn my goal prize!

As for my hunger today, it is never ending.  I have been munching on food all day.  I had breakfast and lunch at work like usual, but when I got home I was starving.  First, I had some pretzels.  Then a few handfuls of cereal.  And then THESE:

Baked snap peas with salt, pepper, and garlic salt

Wow. I wish I would have made more. They totally hit the spot. Sooo good. Must… make… more, and I probably will for dinner tonight! 🙂

I also have to dust off the bike and hit the road tonight.  I haven’t been on a good ride in like 2 weeks (uh oh!), and my 65 mile ride is a month from today! Hope I can make it!

Before I go, I am going to leave you with the awesome interval running workout I did last night at the gym! I also added a new page where I am posting some of my workouts…check it out!

Interval workout:

  • Warm up: 5 minute walk (4.0 mph)
  • Set (20 minutes)
    • 5 minute run (6.2 mph)
    • 1 minute jog (6.0 mph)
    • 4 minute run (6.5 mph)
    • 1 minute jog (6.0 mph)
    • 3 minute run (7.0 mph)
    • 1 minute jog (6.0 mph)
    • 2 minute run (7.5 mph)
    • 1 minute jog (6.0 mph)
    • 1 minute run (8.0 mph)
    • 1 minute jog (6.0 mph)
  • Repeat set
  • Cool down: 5 minute walk (4.0 mph)
  • 50 minutes of a great workout!
Have any of you ever heard of or used
Have you had any great accomplishments lately?


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9 responses to “BISAH

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I’ve only made snap peas on the stovetop– never baked! But you may be onto something here .. 😉

  2. Ahh that website sounds so cool! I am definitely going to check it out after I write to your lovely self 🙂
    I am impressed with your biking skills in that outfit! I’m sure I would have gotten my skirt dirty somehow, ripped it, or something else wonderful like that haha

  3. Haha, oh gosh…I can’t imagine biking in a skirt! You’re talented! 🙂

    I tried Daily Feats for like a day and then forgot, ha. But I should get back into it! An amazon card is sounding pretty nice.

  4. I love the Daily Feats idea. i’m going to sign up right now!

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