Rainy Recap

Oh, hello!

It’s becoming a trend that Saturday posts just don’t fit into my routine. So, instead, you’re going to get a nice weekend recap this evening as I watch the VMAs! I love all of the music, and I cannot wait to see the trailer for the Hunger Games!!!!

Well, Friday, I hung out with my best fourth grade friend and the BF came to join us! 🙂 We watched Toy Story 3 which is the best! We also played a game called Strategies which was really fun! I love hanging out with her and her family! 🙂 Friday was an early night for me, though, to rest up for what was supposed to be a long ride Saturday morning.

Unfortunately, the effects of Hurricane Irene reached Shippensburg and threw a wrench into training for the bike race.  It was also the Corn Fest in Shippensburg which is a BIG deal.  Luckily, all we had was lots of rain from the hurricane. I am praying for those without power, damage, and those who have been evacuated.  Even though it was raining, the town of Shippensburg, including me and the BF made it to the Corn Fest.  Basically, the whole town shuts down the main road and fills it with kiosks with homemade crafts and food. I wasn’t hungry, but the BF got some corny food!

The rainy fair

Well...Bitty Baby obsessed me wanted to buy this for my 10 year old self...

For starters, corn fritters.  Personally, I thought they were pancakes!!

Next up, deep fried corn on the cob! I never knew such a thing existed! It started raining while he was eating it, but I think he enjoyed it, rain and all!

Next on the agenda: A trip to Target. Tessa (check her out! 🙂 ) had mentioned them having some good nut butters, and I got one that I dug into this morning.  Definitely DELLISHHHH! Good recommendation!


Another delish thing….a trip to Ruby Tuesday! I love it there…I got the salad bar and some sweet potato fries.  I am kind of regretting the greasy fries, though.  Don’t get me wrong…they were amazing, but my stomach and kicking me for eating them! I very rarely eat fried foods, and my body can’t digest them as easily as other foods.  Which reminds me of my completed vegan challenge, but I’ll get to that later!

Saturday night was full of fun with friends.  Some of my swimmer friends came over for a bit and then we all headed to a place in town with lots of dancing.  I rarely go out, but I love to dance!! We had a great time and got to stay out of the rain while doing so!

Myself and my beautiful roommates!

The BF and I!

Today was more relaxed.  The BF and I watched the Social Network, went to the grocery store, and then I headed to the gym.

As for the week as a vegan, it went splendidly! I feel so great about my accomplishment. My body feels great, too.  I recognized a lot about myself from this process. First, I figured out that I can easily survive without animal products.  I have decided to eat as few of them as possible.  I am not going to fuss about it but I am not going to go out of my way to obtain them.  I definitely feel as though making the transition fully to being vegetarian is something I am going to do.  I have some chicken in my freezer to finish, but once it is gone, I think I would feel better about myself carrying out a vegetarian diet. I don’t like red meat, so that won’t be a big problem.

I feel strong, energetic, and healthy from the things I was feeding my body.  I also have a new outlook on the vegan lifestyle and give credit to those who follow it. I hope to take the food choices I made into my future to live the healthiest life for myself.

Well, back to the VMAs for me then off to bed before my first day of class tomorrow!  Hope you all had a good weekend!

Tell me about it!

Was anyone else a huge American Girl/Bitty Baby freak?



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14 responses to “Rainy Recap

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Oo! You’ve perked my interest about the Target nut butters– are they cheaper than usual?

  2. Um. Prepare yourself for a long rant and AG/Bitty Baby. Actually note quite a rant, but my mom has her own business making clothes (probably really similar to the one you saw). She absolutely loves it! I think the dolls are super cute but dolls seriously freak me out so badly.

    • Hehe I loveddd my Bitty Baby growing up, and have so many expensive outfits for them! These ones were so unique and cute and much cheaper than the catalog…I told my mom that I wanted to buy another outfit, though, and she said NO WAY!

  3. 😛 I love corn fritters! I’ve never heard of frying a whole cob either? Interesting…

  4. I liked my Bitty Baby! I wouldn’t say I was obsessed..but I loved American Girl in general – especially the doll that looked like me! I was much more into stuffed animals though. 🙂

    So glad the vegan thing went well! It does feel pretty amazing. 🙂

  5. AHHH I am so glad you bought that nut butter! It is quite addicting though so be warned 🙂
    I literally had every single American Girl doll when I was younger! But then I sold them 😦 But to kids that will enjoy them I hope

  6. Deep friend corn on the cob sounds… interesting? Haha. I like it so much normally, I don’t think i would want to deep fry it!! I would definitely like to try it though. I also love ruby tuesday’s salad bar. Their pumpernickel croutons drenched in butter = love.
    I’m excited to see how your transition to vegetarianism goes! I just started eating fish again, but I can’t stomach any other meat. I think I developed an aversion to it after giving it up, because I just went vegetarian as an experiment!

    • Seriously, the croutons are the best!!! I could literally just eat them and nothing else if it were acceptable! And I will keep you posted on the whole vegetarian thing…I am not much for fish, I think chicken will be the only thing that’s hard for me to do without.

  7. Oh.My.Gosh. Do not even get me started on my American Girl Doll OBSESSION! I still have a bunch (I collected the doll of the year for 6 years, plus molly and emily) and I even dress them up and play with them from time to time. Yeah and im a high school senior. I know, I’m weird. I really want the last few years doll of the year to keep my collection going but i’m not going to shell out more than $100 for each one! My mom isnt going to buy them for me anymore.

    • Oh believe me, I only have Bitty Baby but it was a huge obsession. We couldn’t/still can’t afford all of the stuff, though, so I just had a handful of outfits. I still get the magazines though and want to buy stuff every time I get one!!!

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