Grocery Store Girl

Does anyone else tend to spend hours at the grocery store? 

Today, I went to the store just to pick up a few items.  Well, a half an hour later, I left.  With only three items.

A half an hour for three items? Geesh! I think I am that person that everyone else at the grocery store hates.  I know for sure the BF gets annoyed by going to the store with me. I should be nicknamed Grocery Store Girl for the amount of time I spend there weekly for my basic groceries.. Even though I make a list of things I need, I have a tendency to look at every label, compare prices on all items, and just scan the aisles to make sure there isn’t anything else I need.  Or anything on sale that I could use. Or anything that sounds really good and I will buy, but then it ends up sitting on the shelf because I am a weirdo that only craves specific things.  You would think I would learn what things I like by this point, but I try and be a good little girl and broaden my food horizons anyway.

Anyone else this way? I seriously look at the nutrition labels of everything before buying things.  You’d think that labels changed on a daily basis. Nope, I am just a nut.

Well, now that I am on a grocery store rant, let me introduce you to my new best friend. Maplewood Produce and Greenhouse.  I mean, obviously as a food lover, my best friend is a grocery store. Not just any grocery store, though. This place is awesome. It is a local store right on a farm.  They have fresh plants, bird seed, handmade furniture…

The building

And they have food.  All sorts of home grown fruits and vegetables, baking products, juices, cheeses, meats.  All made with love. 🙂 And their food is so inexpensive! I got an entire bag of whole wheat flour for 60 cents. SIXTY CENTS. And a cucumber for 65 cents.

Baking supplies, cereals, candies...

But my favorite find: Raspberry yogurt covered pretzels. Ahh. I love pretzels.  They are one of my weaknesses. I have had vanilla yogurt pretzels and blueberry yogurt pretzels. But raspberry? YUM. I started off on a great note.  I just had a handful of them.  But a few hours later, they were gone.  Oops! I guess I should have known that would happen when I bought them…

All gone!

I did ride a whole marathon (exactly 26.2 miles) on my bike though! Hopefully that made up for the pretzels. Oh, and the turtle cheesecake that my roommate made.  It seems that every time I go into the kitchen, I have to take a little sliver of it.

Before I sign off for the evening, I wanted to let you meet a little book friend of mine.  The Daily Book of Positive Quotations.  My lovely roommates bought it for me for graduation in May.  I love it. They also went through and each sticky noted quotes that they felt reminded them of me. 

Here’s today’s quote: “Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch

Following each quote is a paragraph or two to go along with it.  Following this quote really hit me hard. “If change is good – and it can be – maybe I should deliberately push myself to change once in a while.”  I feel as this hit me harder than the quote itself.  I should open myself to change.  Change can be good.  Making decisions to make myself healthier will allow me to change.  This change should be welcomed. Change is a great thing.

Well, night night all.  Class is already starting to take a toll on my energy!



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18 responses to “Grocery Store Girl

  1. I love pretzels like that but have never seen blueberry. They look great!

  2. Tori

    I LOVE going to the grocery store. I pass by it every day on my walk home, and it takes a considerable amount of effort to stop myself from going in daily. And the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays! I want to buy EVERYTHING there!! If you want to see an amazing Farmer’s Market, come up to Ann Arbor with Tim sometime, and you will be blown away!

    • Farmer’s Markets are like the death of me. I bought like 15 cucumbers for 2 dollars one time. I don’t know what I thought I was going to do with that many cucumbers haha. I am obsessed. And a road trip to Ann Arbor sounds amazing!!! 🙂

  3. I’m a TOTAL grocery store girl as well! People get so so annoyed with me because I like to look at everything and walk so slow! 🙂

  4. Oh my those pretzels look incredible. You know I love my pretzels too. 🙂

    And I’m totally obsessed with grocery stores too. It’s totally fine.

  5. What cool place! Those pretzels do sound so good 😛

  6. Er

    I’m the worst in grocery stores. I like to wander around and look at everything and it drives people crazy. But I could never walk out with the few items I go in for: I always end up spending so much more money. It’s almost as bad as Target, where I always spend $100!!!

  7. Haha we are very much the same when it comes to our grocery store tendencies. I scour every shelf. When it comes to granola, I could eat an entire tub in one day.

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  9. flour for 60 cents!!!!!!!! I am jealous!!
    and I admitted I love grocery shopping. I just wish I had more money so I could buy more goodies. Luckily whole foods is about 20 mins from my house, so I dont make too many stops there haha

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