September Lovin’

I know that September has been with us for about a week now, but I am only now getting around to telling you about what my month has in store!

Well, we already know what my Labor Day weekend was like. Need a reminder? It was amazing. Everything is best at the beach.

The rest of my month may just be as great as this past weekend!

First, this week brings about full on class time.  And textbook reading, paper writing time.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I love learning and wish I could be a perpetual student. I don’t want to enter the real world yet, either!

This coming weekend, I am heading back to the BF’s house to go to a party for his dad’s work. His dad just got a new job, so it will be fun to see what he gets to do all day long! (Or all night long since he switches between day and night shift)

Next weekend, of course, is the big race. The BIG RACE that I haven’t even trained for because of a busy schedule and rainy days.  Do you think I will be ok to bike 65 miles when the most I have cycled during training is 30 (and it was over a week ago)???

I can’t think of much else off of the top of my head, but I have a good feeling about this month and this semester in general!

With a new month comes some new goals.

Here are the goals I set for myself:

1. Maintain a positive attitude about school and classwork.  As the semester begins, I have to make my best effort to not let stress take hold from classes.  

2. Stay ahead of the game with my homework and “work” work.  As an undergrad, I never worked more than ten hours a week and most of it was on the weekends.  Now, I am working more hours all on week days, so I have to make sure to keep up on my school work to balance out my work week!

3. Work toward having a positive body image. This is what I struggle with most.  I look at myself sometimes and think horrible things…(“ewww I look fat”, “I can’t wear that”, “I need to go to the gym to work this off”). I need to overcome this image and work to make myself fitter and happier at the same time!

4. Routinely work out when time allows. Don’t stress when it doesn’t happen, but try my best to make it happen!

Oh, and how could I forget.  This month also brought about my baby’s last set of shots.  He was all sorts of crazay at the vet today! But he took ’em like a champ! 🙂

Mommm...what is going on at this crazy place??

Off to class! Thanks for all the feedback on my Twitter debate! I am still debating mentally!

Tonight’s question:

Do you set life goals for yourself and check to make sure you reach them?



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16 responses to “September Lovin’

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Girl, we are together on the body image one. I’ve been giving myself a hard time as of late but I need to get better!

    We’ve got this 😉

  2. Wow I feel that pain! I never had to really do a lot of work until now. It seriously feels like everything piles up to senior year wahhh.

  3. im defiantly trying to work on positive body image.
    Dont forget to make some time just to chill

  4. Your goals sound great! I am actually going to do a goals blog post soon myself.

    Well, as far as cycling goes… just make sure you fuel properly (which includes bringing fuel with you) and HYDRATE. Also, make sure your bike is in good enough shape to push that far. And don’t forget your chamois cream or you’ll be SUPER SORRY. Oh boy.

    Your cat is SO ADORABLE! What’s his/her name?

  5. Oh lady I am so with you on the body image goal. I have serious issues with this all of the time and I am constantly bringing myself down. What the heck is the point of this though? None if you ask me!

  6. I like to set goals, that way I keep myself in check and feel like i got something out of the month. I need to stay positive about school because I struggle with it a lot. I really just don’t like the environment in my school and I’m hoping that it can be better for at least this last year!

  7. Sweet baby kitty! My cats lose so much hair when I take them to the vet. It stresses them out so bad 😦

  8. I definitely, definitely have to remind myself to have better body image. I’m sometimes just not fair on myself and always have to be weary of this.

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