Productivity Day

Hello, all!

Today I had nothing that I absolutely positively HAD to do. So, instead of doing nothing, I deemed today “Productivity Day!”

What a better way to make it through hump day, right?

I started off the day by eating a yummy bowl of Multigrain Puffins Cereal.

Then, I tackled a few items on my class-related To-Do list.  If you recall, I am huge into To-Do lists.

So. Much. Reading.

Next, I crossed a few things off of my “around the house” To-Do list.

First on that list was a trip to the store to get some Liquid Plumber and a new Brita filter.  While there, I also got some snacking goodies for myself (of course!). And I picked up some hair mousse…last time I was there, I accidentally picked up hairspray instead of mousse.  Talk about frustrating,

Thanks to my lovely roommate, we now have a working drain in the shower! And thanks to myself and a washing machine that may or may not be older than myself, I now have all of my clothes cleaned!

After some more homework, some vegging out, and some email checking, I headed to the gym.  First, I did a little run on the treadmill.

I may not be fast, but I still like to run!

As you can see, I enjoy reading magazines while running.  This was an issue of Self from a really long time ago.  Oh well, I forget what I read and it’s like reading it again for the first time!

Following my run, I did a little bit of abs and lunges, and then headed to Zumba class! I have missed Zumba so much! I used to go to Zumba with my mama when I was at home, but haven’t gone in a while.  I have never taken the class offered by the university, either.  It was PACKED.  I wish I would have gotten there earlier to get a spot in the front! It was a GREAT workout, though.  And I was excited to see a few guys there, too! C’mon! Zumba was created by Beto…who is a guy! Guys can dance, too!

Now, I am ready for bed! I work tomorrow at 6:30, so I need to rest up!

Sleep tight, world!

Are any of you Zumba fanatics?

What do you do on your days off from a hectic schedule?



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12 responses to “Productivity Day

  1. You work at 630?? geeeze

    have not tried zumba but I’m really skeptical on dance-style cardio… tried other classes and not for me

  2. I love zumba so much!!! 😀 i haven’t done it in a few months though because I always choose swimming, running, or bootcamp first and I don’t have much time leftover after all of those. I was just thinking yesterday how I want to start back up with it again. 🙂

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Productive days are my favorite! When I’m getting things done and checked off of my to do list, I’m always in a fantastic mood.

    And I am a HUGE zumba fanatic! I love it because I feel like I’m just dancing at a club and not even working out!

  4. I love to do lists!! I make them everyday and love crossing off everythign I get done

  5. Yay for productive days!!

    Girl your 4 mile time is my 3 mile time 😉 You’re so awesome!

  6. Yes for being productive! You go girl 🙂
    I am rather impressed you ran 4 miles and the did strength, and thennn went to Zumba!

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