Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Happy day to all!

I woke up today and went to work at 6:30.  I got a lot of homework done on the job, though! 🙂

Ready to tackle four chapters of textbook lovin'!

While working all day, I started hearing horror stories about the rain that has been constant since at least Monday. It has been like a monsoon in the local Shippensburg area.

Roads have been completely flooded and closed. The BF hasn’t taught in two days and school’s already cancelled tomorrow because buses can’t complete their routes.

A pic he sent me of the local road!

Animals at the Hershey Park zoo have been euthanized because they were at risk of drowning.

It has been so awful in the local area! My class was cancelled tonight because people were unable to commute to campus.

I thought it was going to be over after last week’s hurricane rolled through but it seems neverending!

I am definitely praying for those who have been evacuated and whose homes have been ruined due to the ongoing rain.

The weather outside is not the only source of ongoing water that has made an appearance in my day. Though I would kinda like to say that the water was due to the fact that I started swimming this week like those who didn’t graduate and are still on the team, I would be lying if I did.

Instead, my water explosion was a result of the knob on my sink coming off, and a geyser erupting in my kitchen.  Thank goodness a few friends were coming over quickly or I would have had a flooding kitchen on the second story of a building.

Just picture me standing there with water squirting everywhere, trying to figure out how to stop the water flow or at least get the knob back on.  But no, the knob broke.  And now the dishes are severely piling up in the non-functioning sink. I definitely was not in the mood to work out after that happening. And I definitely don’t need a shower now either ;).

I am really distraught about the animals in the zoo, so I am asking all of you to do me a favor! Please go to Tiger Time and sign up to save the tiger.  You can read all about the organization that is working toward saving tigers.  You don’t have to make a donation, but sign the pledge! It only takes a second!

A final picture taken by my lovely phone:

Alien Kittyyyy!!!!

Nighty night!

What is the weather like where you are from?

Are you looking forward to the weekend?

Have you ever had a water explosion in your house?

Did you sign up to save the tigers?



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5 responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away!

  1. gosh that sounds horrible! going to sign it now

  2. 1) Hot
    2) no.
    3) no. That sounds terrible! 😦
    Hearing about all that rain and the animals and everything is so sad. 😦 I hope it stops!

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  4. The rain was crazy here this weekend but it nice and clear now. The temps are awesome. Relief from the heat FINALLY 😀 Hope you have a great weekend!!

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