Reality Check

Life After Swimming…the name of my blog, right?

Well, it’s really hitting me that my swimming career is over.  At least my college swimming career.

Since I am still living in my college town, taking classes and working on campus, and living with an undergrad still on the team, I have really been hearing about the beginning of the season.

It’s a little bittersweet that I no longer get to jump into the pool.  It’s definitely a reality check and makes me feel old! At least I got my water fix from my mini geyser in the kitchen yesterday!

Though I do miss the feeling of a good workout and pushing myself to limits that I didn’t dream were possible, I don’t miss the team drama and required early mornings that came along with it as well.

At least I still am around to hang out with my teammate friends! They are actually all coming over this evening for a team movie night…and since it is at my house, I get to play pseudo-team member and tag along! 🙂

Here are a few pictures from my swimming over the years!

My house decorated for high school senior night!

High school pool

Bestie and I at a swim team fundraiser!

WPIAL divisional meet!

Bahaaha college swimming...we cute!

My stroke! (Well, it was...)


Question: Have you “retired” from a sport? To read about my swimming story, check out my first post! 😉



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15 responses to “Reality Check

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Haha I’m loving the swimming fishnets 😉

  2. Loving the tights! Maybe that’s what I should do to help cover more skin 😀

  3. Ha I loveee taper tights. It looks like you had a killer career! Seriously. I understand completely. There is already so much team drama and the season doesn’t start for two more weeks!

  4. Aww, I miss swimming too and it’s been 8 years for me, since high school. There’s something to being part of a team and of course, the physicality of it. It’s great that you are still able to be a part of everything that’s going on with the team AND enjoy your (and have any!) free time.

  5. It’s definitely weird to not be swimming sometimes…but coaching really helps stay involved. I still like my free time:)

  6. Ha I remember sporting those tights for drag! It was always so much fun to try and find the most colorful or craziest looking pair 🙂 I am loving all of your choices. And I used to have that starfish bathing suit!!!
    I know I have said it before, but I am so impressed you do butterfly…god I suck at that stroke
    Would you ever consider swimming with a Master’s Program or a similar group? I mean if you still wanted to swim

    • I loved all of my uglies. Those suits lasted forever!

      As for masters…I definitely have considered. The closest program currently is like a half an hour away, though, and I just don’t have enough time at the moment! I hope to do it in the future though!

  7. oh man. butterfly. thats rough haha. I was a long distance free and backstroke. both of which I didnt like much, but i was ok at.

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