Seafood Saturday

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend!

Mine was awesome…as weekends always seem to be!

Friday night, I hung out with my beloved ex-swim team. So sad to be a retiree! It’s definitely bitter sweet as I have mentioned, and I felt like an oldie with everyone there. We watched Baby Mama and had some popcorn.  And by watching the movie, I really mean we gossiped with the sounds of Tina Fey in the background.  Swimmers seem to be full of gossip! 😉 And if you haven’t seen that movie, pleaseee do it!!! I demand that you do.  It is hysterical!

Saturday, I headed to the BFs house for a day full of parties! First, we headed to his dad’s work for a employee thank you/open house party.  His dad works at an energy plant, and it was awesome to see how natural gas is made into energy. The food was delicious, and we got to take a tour of the plant.  I even got a great picture of me in a hard hat and safety glasses as we toured the plant!

Ready to work! 😉

Not only was it his work party, but it was also the BF’s dad’s birthday! So obviously another party was necessary! Their whole family got together for some steamed crabs and shrimp (as well as cake, brownies, and ice cream! 😉 )

While I am not much for seafood, I tried a little bit of the crab.  Needless to say, I am still not a seafood lover, but at least I was a little adventurous!

Five pounds of crab!

A lone crabby

Picking time!

Today, the BF headed back to Shippensburg with me, and we tackled some household chores.  Before we got to Ship, though, we stopped at PetSmart.  It was adoption day, and it took a lot of persuading for me not to buy another kitten.  We then cleaned and changed the litter in cutie pie Geno’s box, took the air conditioner out of my window, and made some dinner for some hungry college boys. 

This weekend was full of eating, which made me feel a little blahhhh. I have been having a lot of issues feeling comfortable with my weight recently.  In high school, I was at least 20 pounds lighter than I am today.  I have added two sizes to my jeans, and I just feel uncomfortable with the way my body is.  I know what the problem is…I have no self-control when food is within my general area.

I have made a vow to myself to start paying better attention to what I am putting into myself. If I have to write down everything that enters into the endless pit that is my stomach, then so be it.  I just need to make myself  comfortable in my own skin.  And maybe in the process, I will stop looking at others and saying “wow, I wish my body looked like hers!” My goal is to fit back into the clothes I used to.  I was on a roll and lost 5 pounds, but these past few weekends full of getaways and family have been nothing but delicious (which is anything but helpful to someone watching what she eats).  As a result, the five pounds are back with a vengeance. 

I am going to try and start tweeting what I eat more often and posting more pictures of my meals to try and hold myself accountable, so be on the lookout.  Those of you who have lost weight over the years, can you give me some tips? I just can’t cope with the way I feel these days.  Not only am I sluggish, but I feel trapped by my love of food and my lack of willpower.  Do they teach classes in willpower? How do I get enrolled???

Any suggestions on weight loss would be great!

Stories about your weekend would also be great!

Well, I am off to catch up on posts from the weekend and hit the books for the rest of the night…productivity HERE I COME!



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18 responses to “Seafood Saturday

  1. is a great website for tracking foods! I use it a lot to track my workouts and food intake to make sure I have a good balance. It’s so much fun too!

  2. Oh my lord baby mama… Sigourney Weaver reminds me of my old therapist in that movie. I hated that therapist. She treated me like a 4 year old and had this ticking clock… oh the ticking clock… haha sorry but it’s really creepy to watch, though hilarious! I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
    Something my mom does is the “three bite rule”. If she thinks she wants a dessert or something decadent or unhealthy, she has three bites and really savors them. If she really wants it, she’ll continue until she’s satisfied (but not necessarily finished!) and if she decides she’s had enough, she’ll stop. It takes practice, but it helps develop willpower!

  3. looking good in the hard hat! haha
    Im trying to lose 30lbs. so if you want to do it together- Im with ya!
    But I think sometimes when you start, writing down what you ate is a good idea. Im an emotional eater, so when I realized that I needed to ask myself “are you hungry? tired? mad? sad?” then I did a lot better

    (man long post. my bad haha)

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Well I think you’re beautiful– but that’s besides the point!
    The only advice I can think to give you is to give yourself 1 day a week where you can “cheat”, and the other days HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE. That way– if theres something you REALLY want, just save it for that day!

    Also, try thinking about and planning your meals ahead of time. This gets me out of a lot of trouble

  5. Er

    I try to focus on not eating junk…eating as many foods free of preservatives as possible. But I am not a big believer in limiting what I eat- if I notice that I gain a little weight I just try to be more active throughout the day. I’m weird in the sense that when I don’t worry about my weight and what I am eating I tend to lose weight and when I stress about needing to lose a few pounds and track what I eat, I tend to gain it.

  6. You look amazing! The hard hat pic is just HOT!!! Love it 😀

    That movie is hilarious!

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  8. I think just focusing on what I CAN have (nourishing foods) is crucial. I never tell myself I can’t have something; it makes me crazy and then I want everything in sight. I’m not in the best place with my body right now either, but with me, the more I obsess/track, the worse I do, but that’s the opposite for most people! I think just knowing yourself is helpful. I also read Bethenny’s “Naturally Thin” book, which is anti-diet and really good/helpful!

  9. Seafood saturday should be every saturday!
    My Grandma always told her daughters one simple statement when one of them was trying to lose weight:
    “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips”
    They always thought about it before they went to munch, and suddenly food didn’t seem so appealing 😉

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  11. Haha I love that statement! Grandmas are the best! 🙂

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