Weaknesses part 3!

Ok, sorry about the little lie I made yesterday.  I thought I would have time to write up another post, but as I mentioned, homework and my grandma sleep tendencies got to best of me! I am now going to keep my promise and fill you in on a few more of my weaknesses, or the things that I sometimes feel that I could not live without!

None of this post would be possible without my GoLean crunch cereal that I inhaled while doing some homework while actually at work this morning (ahhh it is good to have an on campus job that allows me to do all of my reading!)

Being productive while making some moolah!

If you haven’t yet, catch up on my other weakness posts!


Weaknesses #2

Alright, time to get started on a few more additions to my ongoing list of favorite things!

Weakness #1: Ketchup

I think I am addicted to ketchup.  One time, my friends in high school dared me to drink it right out of the bottle…and I did.  The main thing, though, since I am from Pittsburgh, is that all of my ketchup MUST be Heinz.  I kind of get offended when restaurants have the “fancy” ketchup stuff. Or catsup? What’s that!? haha. Heinz all the way! I love ketchup on pretty much everything.  And when I don’t really like things, I just add some ketchup.  I love sweet potatoes, and of course I put ketchup on baked ones…like I did last night with my din din!  Does anyone remember the green and purple ketchup that Heinz had while we were growing up?!


Weakness #2: Highlighting my reading

As you may have seen above, I highlight every textbook I read.  I think it may help me remember what I read a little better and helps me go back and review what I have read.  Definitely a great study technique for those of you who think you are “too cool” for highlighters.  I love buying different color highlighters and using them for my work.  The more colorful my textbook is, the better! I know, I know, I am a huge nerd.  And I love learning so highlighting only helps me!

Weakness #3: Twitter

Ok, so I know it hasn’t been even a week since I entered the wonderful world of tweeting.  But I. Am. Hooked.  Twitter sucks you in, and I love knowing what my healthy and wonderful bloggy buddies are up to! It makes healthy living more accessible and keeps me accountable for what I eat which may help me reach my goal of losing a few pounds. For those of you who don’t follow me, I would love for you to do so! 🙂 My username is @lifeafterswim!

Weakness #4: Sesame Sticks

Oh em gee, do I love them!!  I love the saltiness and crunchiness and deliciousness that they have.  My roommate last year thought I was nuts because I would just sit and eat them like it was my job.  Target actually has a nut mix that has peanuts, pretzels, and sesame sticks.  Ok, I don’t know if you realized this, but those may or may not be my three favorite things in the world. Holy crap is it delicious.  The problem is, it is so delicious that I can eat the whole thing at once. Yep, and that is why I am working on eating in moderation and using all of my willpower!

My life in a jar!

Alright, you guys.  What are your weaknesses? 

Do you have any things that you can’t live without?



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19 responses to “Weaknesses part 3!

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Gah! I’m a ketchup lover too! I recently started buying the Simply Heinz instead if the regular because of the simpler ingredient list, and I’ve fallen even MORE in love. It tastes like legit tomatoes!

  2. Oh my I am soooo with you on the ketchup addiction!! I think you may know this from my blog, but yeah I am quite sure I would drink it straight up too 🙂
    Twitter is so flippen addictive! It’s fun to always being able to see what’s going on with everyone
    I have a huge weakness for gum. I have tried to cut back but ahhh so hard!

  3. I remember the weird colored ketchup… I try to only eat the artificial-sweetener-free ketchup.

    and gah 😡 cant highlight in my books… it bothers me… haha

  4. Oh my god. Finally someone that understands. I put ketchup on seriously everything! I didn’t know anyone else that put it on sweet potatoes until now! 🙂

  5. Allie

    Heinz all the way!!! LOVE Pittsburgh and our lovely ketchup 🙂

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  7. It’s so funny you posted this because I am writing a similar post tonight! I am glad to be a lover of ketchup, too! And I love, love, love any sort of granola. Totally 100% majaa weakness of mine.

  8. Call me predictable but chocolate is my weakness. Specifically, chocolate chip cookies, I can’t turn them down. Also, interesting food products. For example, I bought Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam today, not because I needed jam but because I just had to try it. Non-edible weaknesses include cute paper products, sweaters and lately, baby clothes. All my friends are having little girls and it’s so fun to find cute outfits for them!

  9. Baby clothes are seriously almost adorable as the babies themselves! I told my sister she needs to have children immediately so I can spoil them rotten!

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  11. Pingback: Messy Bessy | life after swimming

  12. my family ALWAYS makes jokes that I eat ketchup WITH something on top. I love making sweet potato fries and dipping them in ketchup.
    another weakness. Napping. iwould take a nap everyday if I could (but my 6 yr old no longer takes them…bummer haha)

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