Messy Bessy

Good afternoon, all!

I was so happy to read yesterday that all of you seem to be as obsessed with ketchup as I am. 🙂

I hope you aren’t as big of slobs as I am, though.

Sometimes, I let my room become a pig sty.  It’s really easy considering the dimensions of my room are fairly tiny.

Anytime I put approximately 3 things on my floor, it instantly becomes a mess.

Case in point...

You caught me! I will admit, that is wayyy more than three things on the floor! Gah I am lazy.

Today, I decided to clean that mess…after scarfing down some tasty rice cakes and almond, peanut, cashew butter from Target!! Since it is so small, it doesn’t take long to tidy up.

Good ol' grub!

Yay for having a clean room! Round of applause for me, please! 🙂

As clean as the room can get!

I think that some of you may appreciate the poster I got from my half marathon in da Burgh.

This almost makes me want to run a full..

After making my living space spotless, I had a visit from my Little! As an undergrad, I was in the co-ed honor’s fraternity on campus.  Nothing like being in a group of smart kids!  My Little and I had a good chat and caught up on each other’s lives.

After she left, I had intentions on riding (which I have for a few weeks now…) but once again it started raining! This race on Saturday could be really really interesting… I really think I may die.  If you don’t hear from me after the weekend, please get in touch with my family. I may have lost my legs. And the fact that I have bad cramps today isn’t really helping out. Hasta la vista, cramps! I could do without you fo’ sho!

I think it is about time to veg out on some din-din and potentially head to Zumba! Depending on the pain in my tummy, that is!

Do any of you feel like you clean your room incessantly but it still gets messy instantly?

For those of you who have done full marathons, did you run the whole thing? Would you recommend them to others who are considering? What are your thoughts/feelings?



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13 responses to “Messy Bessy

  1. I’m so bad about cleaning my room and desk. They get full of stuff so quickly. When I clean one, the other gets messy and vice versa. It’s neverending!!

  2. Er

    I have that same night stand in my bedroom at my parents house!!!

  3. Gahh I feel like I am always cleaning but the mess creeps up again so fast! It really is never ending

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I love that messy is in the title of both of our most recent posts 😀

    When I ran my full, my strategy was the “run/walk”. I tried my best to run the majority of the beginning of it, which ended up being the first 11ish, and ran/walk the rest. I just wanted to finish, no time goal here haha.

  5. I’m so messy too. It’s really ridiculous. I have heard running and walking is the best strategy for full marathons-especially the first one but I don’t plan to do one until way after college.

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  7. My desk is probably the worst for me… if I put a few things on it, it attracts more things and then it just pulls things in from its orbit and… disaster. haha

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