Buenos noches! Good evening!

Thanks for all of your comments on your favorite way to get some protein in.  I tried my best throughout the day to eat foods high in protein to get ready for the big race day.  I made myself a simple flat bread pizza with sauce and cheese for lunch (with no camera!) but for dinner I made a salad with sesame seeds and veggies, and an Amy’s Cheese Burrito with beans.  I typically don’t like beans, but I surprisingly ate ’em tonight!

Today turned out to be a chilly day and made me realize that summer is over and fall is moving in.  I wore sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt with a jacket to my night class! And I had to walk to and from class quickly to avoid goose bumps! I am totally a summer girl so this did not make me happy!

You know what did make me happy?

A little family wrestling.  Cat vs. dog. Dog is bigger, but cat has claws.  Pretty tight match-up.

They move too fast to get a good action shot!

Something else that made me happy:

Not stressing over my work out.  There are days when it is pulling teeth to find the time and energy to hit the gym.  Today, I was only there to do a slow 10 miles on the bike to loosen up and get ready for the weekend. I read on the bike and took some breaks from reading to check out the action on the football field.  Don’t tell the BF, but there were some cuties running on the track! 🙂

Notice my side kick water bottle that never lets me down!

Well, it’s Jersey Shore time.  I am not easily pressured by society and those around me (drinking, partying, etc) but peer pressure may have gotten me hooked on the Shore.

A little parting happy note…I get to see the boy tomorrow!  🙂 🙂

Is it starting to get cold where you are?

Any big weekend plans to get you through the last work day?



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5 responses to “Brrrrr….

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I’m down in central Florida, so it’ll be a little bit longer before it starts to get cold (thank goodness)… I’m a complete BABY when it comes to dealing with cooler temperatures!

  2. It has begun to get cold in the Burgh’ .. sad times! Glad you enjoyed some BEANS! Woo!!

  3. Your doggies are so cute! And I definitely, definitely am guilty of some Jersey Shore pleasure.

  4. I love watching fur babies wrestle. So freaking funny! 😀

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