Making Plans on Monday

I am going to make this short but sweet because 2 of my favorite shows are on right now! The Sing-Off and How I Met Your Mother! I hate that I only watch a few TV shows and they all seem to be on at the same time!!!

Today, I sat down and hardcore updated my planner.  I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to sit down and make sure it was all up to date! One thing that I added: a trip to Penn State this weekend with the beau! We randomly got tickets to the game, and I know how much he loves his PSU football so it should be a fun time! 🙂

I also signed up for a 5k.  I can’t tell you the last time I did a 5k, and I have never done one in colder weather! I don’t even know what to expect of myself.  I am really excited for the race…it is at the end of November and you get to run through Christmas lights and decorations! My sister, mom, dad, and hopefully others are all going to walk or run the race!  If you are in the DC area and interested, check out the website!!

When trying to figure out what I wanted for dinner tonight, I checked out the fridge and shelves and had these ingredients: corn, peas, chicken broth, noodles, and sweet potatoes.  Best solution? Seems pretty simple to me! Soup! I threw all of the ingredients together with some salt and pepper and perfecto! Plus side: I have enough to last all week!

Boilin' it up!


I ❤ leftovers!

While preparing my dinner, I finished reading A Stolen Life: Jaycee Dugard’s memoir from her kidnapping of eighteen years.  Wow.  What a terrifyingly great story.  I cannot imagine what it would have taken to endure what Jaycee went through.  The book touches on rape, deception, and emotional abuse among other topics, and yet Jaycee and her two daughters made it through in the end and can tell their story. I highly recommend the book.  It made me tear up, laugh, hate, love. I learned a lot about the world and my own feelings while reading.  Now, I will add it to the Book Nook!

Remember when I talked about Highs and Lows of my days?

Well, here are my highs and lows from today!

High: Receiving this in my email…

So glad I donated my hair!

Low: At the gym, two other girls had the same workout pants on that I had.  And all I could think of the whole time is how much better they looked in their pants. Bah. Why do I think this way? Immediately upon noticing we matched, I thought “I bet they are wearing smalls…I wish I could fit into smalls.  They look so much better on them, blah blah blah.” I definitely need to work on my thoughts when around others at the gym.  I am strong and healthy.  I should not compare myself to others!!

Oh ya, and yesterday on the way back from Erie, the BF and I stopped at my parent’s house in Pittsburgh.  It was amazing to eat a home-cooked meal, watch the Steelers in my hometown, and see this little man:

A little dark, but he is a cutie!

Okey dokey…back to my shows!

Do you ever catch yourself thinking similar things at the gym or wherever you work out?

What’s your favorite TV show?



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11 responses to “Making Plans on Monday

  1. I think we all compare ourselves at least a little bit… I just remind myself when I do that, that I have put a lot of hard work in to the body I have and it gets me results and does things that other peoples’ bodies cannot do. I am proud of myself/my body.

    I’m sure there’s plenty you can do because you’ve worked hard at your body. I mean, how mean people can swim (insert amount) of yards? Heck, not everyone can run a 5k!

    My favorite TV show is probably Jeopardy… lolz.

  2. I defiantly compare myself to others, but I am trying to work on that. Because no one is perfect

  3. Ah did you see the yellowjackets? They are from my college:)

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Nikki, I admire your honesty so much about your experience at the gym! It’s tough to be in those types of situations, but even tougher to come out and admit your personal thoughts.
    You’re too awesome, girl 😀

  5. Aww, I love leftovers as well!!!

  6. Well you know I am rather guilty of comparing myself to others and never feeling like I look/perform/doing enough… but one of these times we have to accept ourselves and love what we got. It’s so hard, but I believe it can be done
    Keep your head up Nikki, I am sure your bumm looked far better in those pants than those chicasss did

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