Dark chocolate peanut butter?!

Happy hump day!

Thank you for all of your suggestions on my cycling dilemma from yesterday.  I am definitely thinking hard about it, and even went to pick up a waiver today to look over.

Today was a Zumba day for me! I love my Zumba days!

Today was also a grocery shopping day for this girl.

I got a lot of goodies.  I stocked up on squash, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, green pepper, and some other awesome eats.

And I also stocked up on my dark chocolate peanut butter stash!

First, I got some Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter to add to my nut butter stash.


Then, I got some dark chocolate peanut butter sweet and salty nut mix.  Talk about deliciousness.  I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I stumbled upon this gem on the shelves.


It seems that I am always starving when I get home from the grocery store (maybe because I spend forever there like I mentioned before…).

When I made it home, I fixed myself up a tasty wrap!

Hit the spot!

I loaded a sun-dried tomato wrap with tuna, lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, and raspberry vinaigrette.  Is is just me, or is it impossible to fold your own wrap and eat it without wearing half of it by the end! I always have stuff fall out of my wraps and end up covered in my food!

Well, I am off to eat some of my delicious nut mix and head to bed.

Anyone looking forward to the weekend? Got any good plans?

What is your favorite combo of peanut butter and chocolate? I think I will always love a good Reese’s cup.

Any more IPOD suggestions?



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19 responses to “Dark chocolate peanut butter?!

  1. defiantly ready for the weekend- except I work Sunday 😦

  2. Mmm… pb and chocolate is always a great combination!

  3. Mhhmm yepp Reeses for me! I love that nut combination, although it’s dangerous to have around!

  4. Chasing Fifty

    My weekend plans are huge. Riding my first century on Saturday.

  5. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Reeses all the way baby! There’s truly nothing like a classic Reese 😉

    And PB & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams is AMAZING. I actually just had some in my oatmeal this morning

  6. I have those mixed nuts too. I hide them because 1) they’re so good I don’t want anyone else to eat them and 2) they’re so good I don’t want to eat them too quickly!

  7. YAY for Zumba! I miss my Zumba days!

    I haven’t tried PB & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams only because I’m not a big chocolate person…(Lame I know!) Does it taste like Nutella? My little sis is a huge Nutella fan! No weekend plans yet, most like just hanging out with friends.

  8. MMmm, I love that pb! Have you ever had Nutella?! It is the bomb!

  9. I can’t fold my own wraps to save my freaking life. True life. Dark chocolate peanut butter is my favorite. I want some nowww.

  10. kaliesthoughts

    Can you believe that I hate dark chocolate and im not a huge chocolate fan?! ( I willl eat from ttime to time just not often 😦 )

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