Hello, all!

Welcome to my first What I Ate Wednesday post! Thanks to the lovely Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for this one! Smile

I am one of those people that eats pretty much the same thing day after day with just slight variations.  This is mainly because I am a regular old Picky Nikki and don’t branch out of my small “foods of choice” circle.

That doesn’t mean that I am not willing to try new things, though.  I used to be anti-new foods.  I wouldn’t do anything more than gag at the thought of trying something brand spanking new.  Or retrying things that I didn’t like in the past. 

These days, I am a totally new person! Mama is sooo proud! Winking smile I am much more willing to try things…especially if they pass the sniff test.  I have a weird habit of smelling every new thing I try before I taste it.  If something smells alright, I am much more willing to give it a shot!

Ok, now on to my eats!

For breakfast, I was at work.  I packed some caramel Greek yogurt with some Caramel Pecan Crunch cereal! I must still be in the caramel mindset after those caramel apples!


Oops, I spilled!


I got hungry mid-morning as always and was too ravenous to take a picture of the piece of cheese and toast with cinnamon that I had around 11.

Then, it was lunch time!

I had a sun-dried tomato wrap with tuna, green pepper, lettuce, cucumber, and some raspberry vinaigrette. It’s been my standard lunch for about a week now, but I just ran out of wraps Sad smileTime to hit up the grocery store!


Like my plate? Yes, that is the bag from the wraps.

One thing you should know about me…without food, I am one grumpy girl.  To avoid Miss Grumpy Gills (Finding Nemo anyone?), I have at least one afternoon snack.

Today, I took Tessa’s advice and tried my first Honey Crisp apple.  Needless to say, she is a genius.  Holy moly they are delicious! I only bought three in case I didn’t like ‘em as much as my standard Granny Smith, but I should have bought a whole bushel! They definitely get an A+++ in my book!


I had an earlier dinner tonight because I am going to hit up my weekly Zumba class at 7.  I hate eating a whole meal too close to working out. Also, I was staving from a Body Rock workout I had this afternoon!

Here’s din din! Half of a baked sweet potato, vegan Boca burger with cheese, some pickles, and some Heinz Simply Ketchup! So yummy! Oh, and the unpictured but totally necessary spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams! Smile


I already have my snack planned out for later…some roasted garlic hummus and pretzels! I have never tried hummus before… wish me luck! Already looking forward to getting my nom on.

Lastly, I feel as though this video fits right in for today! The Nomming Song! hahaha!

Nom nom nom nom

Okey doke! Time to read a little bit (should be for class, but reading for pleasure instead!). Then it’s time to boogie on down in Zumba!

Do you ever smell things before eating them?

What is your favorite type of apple?



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13 responses to “WIAW!

  1. yayyy happy WIAW!!!!!! a fabulous first! =)

    I added you to my party post. Here’s how to do it for future reference (annnd future partying! hehe!) http://www.peasandcrayons.com/p/wiaw.html

    I sniff almost everyyyything before eating! and thats why i cant eat nutritional yeast 99% of the time. if i sniff it first i wont touch it. but if i just taste it i’m goooood to go!

  2. You know what, come to think of it, I never smell the foods before I eat them! Unless of course I am cooking something wonderful 😉 Welcome to WIAW! PS–I added you to my blogroll 😀

  3. Yummo. I love the Oikos greek yogurt. I still like the red delicious apples even though they aren’t too fallish ha.

  4. favorite apple is fugi! LOVE them
    also,that is ONE veggie filled wrap!

  5. “I got hungry mid-morning as always and was too ravenous to take a picture of the piece of cheese and toast with cinnamon that I had around 11”

    I thought this meant a piece of cinnamon toast with cheese D: that would have sounded awful! lol

  6. Favorite apple is definitely Honey Crisps!! I talk about them so often, I just can’t get enough 🙂

  7. survivingcandyland

    You should def smell things before eating them because they might be bad. Hahah I like to smell everything though because I’m really interested in cooking and chemical reactions when cooking food. My fave apple is either pink lady or granny smith.

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