So, I have a few favorite men in my life.

First, there is Geno.


Next, Curly.


Of course, there’s Travis.


I was feeling pretty retro with all of my pics…

And finally, Fred.

I am sorry that I haven’t introduced you to Fred before.  I stumbled upon him one day and have been in love ever since.

The thing with Fred is that he can take on many different forms.

There’s Kitchen Fred with stuff like this:


And there’s Table Fred with things such as this:


Oh ya, and Party Fred…but he only comes out on weekends.


And Fred does have a sensitive side, too…


If I could, all of my kitchen accessories would be from Fred.  He isn’t good at giving gifts, though.  And I am one poor grad student.

Check out those websites…Fred has some pretty awesomely hilarious stuff!

What is your favorite thing on the sites??

Have you ever heard of Fred before?



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6 responses to “Fred

  1. Geno has the cutest little kitty face 🙂

    I like Fred too! I need more of Fred in my life as well 🙂

  2. Er

    hahaha I love the pacman oven mitts…omg!

  3. I just spent like 30 minutes on the Fred website. Those items all look so cool!

  4. Geno is adorable!! 😀 I’ve never heard of Fred before, thanks for sharing!

  5. Haha that stuff is hilarious. I love the kitty!

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