New-found Fabulous Foods

The onset of cold weather has me really ready for fall to come! It seems from the comments on my homecoming post that most of you are feeling the chilly weather, too!

I had all intentions of gracing you with an October goal-related post this evening, but I got all caught up in homework and a grocery trip to sit down and write one. Expect one for tomorrow!

Instead, I am going to show you two of the new products I found at the grocery store.

First, I stumbled upon this massive jar of almonds.  They are definitely fitting right in with my “feeling like fall” mood today.  They sorta make me want to rake leaves and jump in them! 🙂

Let me just tell ya, these babies are delicious!!! I had never had pumpkin almonds before!

Then, I found these awesome little guys, too! I can’t wait to have one with my breakfast tomorrow!

Pretzel, meet bagel.

Considering pretzels and I are pretty much BFFs, I have a feeling we will hit it off just fine!

Have you ever had either of these products?

What is your favorite pumpkin product?



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12 responses to “New-found Fabulous Foods

  1. Amy

    Nik ~ I have had the pretzel bagels before and they are delish! I have made them sweet by spraying with spray butter then sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar and put in the microwave for 10 or 15 secs and they are awesome dipped in queso or hummus!

  2. oh my gosh! i want both of these- they look delicious!!!! where did you find them?

  3. Ah I love those pretzel bagels they are the best! + strawberry cream cheese is the perfect combo.

  4. Yum! I really want to try those pumpkin spice almonds and pretzle bagels!! 🙂

  5. I know I would like those pretzel bagels… great find!

  6. Pumpkin Spice Almonds I must find these ASAP!

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