October Time!

Now that we are a few days into October, I figured I should touch up on my goals from last month and set a few new ones for myself for this month! Of course, all of this is being done while I chow down on my newest love: pumpkin spice almonds.

Let’s recap my September goals:

1. Maintain a positive attitude about school and classwork.  I would say that I did a pretty great job with this.  Thus far, my assignments haven’t been too challenging…let’s hope they stay that way! Winking smile

2. Stay ahead of the game with my homework and “work” work.  Made it through the month with no problem! I am right on target with all of my homework! YAY ME!

3. Work toward having a positive body image. Ok, didn’t do the best with this goal.  Through reading The Happiness Project, I realized ways I have been holding back on being happy with myself.  I tried to incorporate what I read into my days, but it is hard work!! I eat a lot, then I feel guilty.  I say something rude, I feel bad. I don’t get a great workout…I feel useless.  Still need to work on this! Reusing it as a goal for this month!

4. Routinely work out when time allows. Definitely worked out often during the week, but for some reason just neglect myself over the weekends.  Still need to work on this one, too!

So that brings me to October.  Here’s what I would like to work on for this month!

1. Continuing my healthy living throughout the weekend. I am a perfect angel during the week.  I try to track what I eat, I exercise, and I split my time between “me time” and “productivity time”. So what happens when Friday afternoon rolls around? I lose all that I have worked toward all week long.  This habit of mine has to go if I ever want to break the mindset I have of myself.  All in all, this trend is making my struggle toward having a positive body image pretty tough!

2. Lose 5 pounds. Five pounds in a month may be a lot, but this is including the few extra pounds I put over the weekend from the excessive amounts of food I ate.  For example: Friday for dinner, I had 4 pizzas of pizza in addition to cereal. WHAT? Gross. I need to be more on top of tracking what I eat so that I am not as easily swayed by my foolish belly into binge eating.

3. Start running outside. I am running two races within the next two months (potentially a third if I can manage driving home for a costume race).  One is a 5k on November 16th.  The other is a 15k in exactly two months from today! What this means is I need to start focusing on running and begin running outside.  What that also means is that I need to start dishing out a few dollars to get winter running clothing and accessories.  Such as compression sleeves and gloves. So to make me more willing to dish out money (I am a pretty big bargain shopper) send me some suggestions to the tweet I put out earlier!

Untitled picture

4. Keep a level head as life gets hectic. October is busy for me with weekend plans as well as working 2 jobs on campus, substituting, and potentially working a new job.  Yep, that’s right.  I am interviewing tomorrow for a coaching position. 😉 More on that when the time comes! My goal is to stay as focused throughout the month as I am right now.

I have to think that all of these goals are manageable…though they may be tough! Life is a big balancing act, and I am working on how to throw the stuff out that is keeping me from reaching that balance.

I also want to be “sexy and know it.” That’s why I spent an hour on the elliptical today! Working toward my goals!

Love LMFAO. And this video is great…<3 Wilmer.

What are you focusing on this month?

Do you enjoy setting goals for yourself?

Any running clothing suggestions? Any must haves?



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3 responses to “October Time!

  1. haha ive never seen that video or that many speedos in one place haha. I can’t wiat to hear about the coaching interview!

  2. The Happiness project really helped me look at my body image issues differently. Great book!

  3. kaliesthoughts

    LOve these goals!

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