WIAW + a weekend of pics!

Hi, my name is Nikki. I started this blog to meet awesome people, get healthy, and tell everyone about my life.

Just kidding. But seriously. I have been gone for a while.  I had a rough week, and decided to use this weekend to let go of everything and just enjoy life.  I didn’t work out for 5 days!! And I let myself eat pretty much anything.  And seriously, I feel so much better.

Here’s a weekend recap:

Friday night, I went to my first college swim meet post-college career.  It was awesome to watch my teammates race, and I got dinner and ice cream with my beau and 4th grade BFF, too! Smile

Saturday, a few of us attempted to go to a local apple festival. Two hours of traffic later, we made it.  It was really crowded, but really nice at the same time! Nothing wrong with a caramel apple!


Traffic forever…

Saturday night was the Jack’s Mannequin concert.  Did you know I am obsessed with them?? Andrew McMahon is amazing. I have seen him 6 times…



My WIAW portion of the post is all food from Sunday.  Thanks to the lovely Jenn for this one! Winking smile

Sunday morning, I got up super early and drove the 2.5 hours home to my family.  My cousin’s baby shower was first on the agenda.  Instead of giving a play-by-play, it’s all gonna be in pictures!


Amazing cake from Whole Foods


Brownie cake pop!


Cheese and chicken filled goodness with zucchini on the side!


After the shower, it was off to Vincent’s Pizza.  I told you I wasn’t calorie conscious this weekend!!!


Next part of the day: Kennywood Park! Kennywood is the local amusement park, and it is their Fright Night time for Halloween! I went with my sister and two cousins, and we had a blast!


I’ll finish off my WIAW with some Potato Patch fries Smile


Monday, I wasn’t feeling that great, but my Mama, sissy and I went to see 50/50.  I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the movie was adorable.  It made me cry and immediately made me laugh again.  I recommend seeing it!

We also went out for my Mama’s birthday, which was on Sunday! Happy birthday, Mama! Smile  And I hung out with my besties.  I love seeing friends!

Tuesday was dentist, shopping (yay Target!), and a drive back to school.  Only to be greeted by these little guys!


Too bad they’re heading to a good home tomorrow Sad smile.  Geno is also losing his manliness in the morning (chop-chop!)

Well I am off to coach some Special Olympics swimming! Adios blog world!



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19 responses to “WIAW + a weekend of pics!

  1. omg I die!!!! I am OBSESSED WITH JACK’S MANNEQUIN!!!!!! ob-sessed! Was it Something Corporate that they were in beforehand? I’m starting to get old and forget… but regardless… OBSESSED!

  2. Oh my goodness, those kittens are just the cutest!

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I’m glad you had a rejuvinating weekend 😀 That is what they’re for, afterall!

  4. Good for you, girl! We all need a little bit of time to loosen up here and there!

  5. Tyy

    I loooveee Jack’s Mannequin but love Something Corporate more! We saw them live and seeing “Konstantine” live was on my bucket list. Next is going to a Jack’s Mannequin show and hearing “Caves”. Oh how I love Andrew. ❤

  6. Your weekend sounds like it was fun! Sometimes you need to take a break and just regroup – it’s easy to forget, but it can make you feel so much better! The food from the baby shower looks so good. I want a cake stuffed with berries!

  7. Ahh I LOVE seeing so much of our city in your pictures! YAY Pittsburgh 🙂

  8. AWWWW! I want that orange cat! SO CUTE. 🙂

  9. Er

    SO jealous, love love Jack’s Mannequin! He just has the best voice ever, I have been into them/Something Corporate for like 8 years! haha

  10. Aww those kittens are rather adorable… that picture made me smile 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed your weekend and did not get hung up on the food… dear lawddd that cake!

  11. An apple festival…how fun! Those cake pops are too cute!! 🙂

    Ah…poor Geno. It will be better for him in the long run. I totally think he’s still a man too. LOL!

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