Lazy Days and Tootsie Repair

I just wanted to start by saying how happy I am that so many of you are as obsessed with Jack’s Mannequin/Something Corporate as I am.  If you’re not, you should be!

Though I thought my workout and motivation mojo had returned, it was really hard to get my butt to the gym today.  I wanted to start running outside this week, but it has been really rainy!

Instead, today I did some elliptical cardio for an hour, and after class I will be doing some strength training with good ol’ Jillian Michaels! I need to get my body (and mind) back in gear!

Another reason I feel lazy today: I have two cuddly kittens that I don’t want to leave! And another cuddly big man cat will be coming home shortly post-neuter. I am anxious to see my brave little man!




I hope the weather looks up soon because I bought a new pair of kicks.  Well, they are the exact same pair as I had, but I love my Mizunos! I need to break ‘em in.

Here’s where it gets a little gross:

I hope I don’t get bruised toes and blisters with my new shoes! I can’t tell you how many toenails I have had fall off because of bruising.  I just got some new running socks and I hope that helps. I have even been to a running specialist to see which shoes would be best for me.  The specialist advised that I up my shoes by a half size.  I did that, too, but I still get nasty toes!

Anyone out there know the secret to no blisters and bruises on my tootsies? My poor feet need some help!



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7 responses to “Lazy Days and Tootsie Repair

  1. Oh my goodness, cutest kitties ever! I just love their fuzzy little faces! 🙂

    I’m no help on blisters/shoes… I have zero experience on that one.

  2. AWWWWW I love the cats.
    Have you thought of trying vibrams? Maybe it wouldn’t do that to your toes. They take a while to get used to and they don’t work for everyone, but I love them! Never had any blisters or anything with them. That’s just what works well for me personally.

  3. Goooo those cookies are adorable!
    I hope those shoes are helpful for you, I have had those kinds of problems before too

  4. Your kitties are so cute! I started wearing a half size bigger in running shoes a couple of years ago and I loooove the extra room! As for toenails, I keep mine cut short! As for blisters, I only buy Wright Sock socks – they are pricey, but so worth it! They have a few different types, the WrightSock Lite is my favorite 🙂

  5. Er

    I love No More Trouble Zones! I haven’t done it in awhile, but I remember being so sore the first few times lol

  6. LOVEEEE Jack’s Mannequin!!!! I love them. I need to update my music …

    I wish I had a tip for you about your toes 😦 Hope they get better soon!!

    And um, you lazy day sounds like mine! Love it!

  7. One of my friends has major toe issues with running – losing toe nails, blisters, everything. I don’t deal with it too much but I feel so bad for you guys!! I hope these new shoes work out for you.

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