BF Weekend for the Win

Hola, amoebas! (Ok, sorry, I solemnly swear to never make a dorky science joke again…Winking smile)

How are you today?? I am great for 5 reasons!

Reason #1: For those of you who were concerned, my baby Geno made it through his big surgery in mint condition. Thanks for wishing him well!


Reason #2: Remember when I told you about the job interview I went on? Well, I finally found out today that I got the job! Assistant swim coach position, here I come!

Reason #3: I did an amazing interval workout today.  I definitely think I am getting the exercise love back after last week.  I consider the transformation “How Nikki Got Her Groove Back”. Here’s the workout:

  • 10 minute jog – 6.5
  • Intervals x 10
    • 1 minute walk – 4.5
    • 2 minute run – 7.0
  • Intervals x 2
    • 1 minute walk – 4.5
    • 4 minute jog – 6.3
  • Intervals x 5
    • 1 minute walk – 4.5
    • 1 minute run – 7.1 (and 8.0 on the last one Smile )

I cooled down with a five minute walk, and all in all it was 6.5 miles.  I’ll say I am quickly getting back into things.

Reason #4: I am headed to see the lovey this weekend.  It was a game time decision because I wanted to see how my precious kitty was holding up.  But he is back in attack mode and seems to be in tip-top shape, so off to York I go.  I am excited to see my boo, and we have a movie date to attend to as well.  I just LOVE going to see movies in the theater! And, the BF loves birds and read the book that this movie is based on…so I am pretty sure he is pumped, too!

Reason #5: THE SUN IS SHINING!!!! See ya, rain!

Well, it’s time to pack up and hit the road.  I am pumped because my Daddy got me a new stereo and it hooks up to my Ipod.  YAY! Time flies when there’s good music to be heard!

Have a good weekend, loves!

What are your plans for the weekend?

What has made you smile today?



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17 responses to “BF Weekend for the Win

  1. kaliesthoughts

    II love your reasons!!! Have a good weekend!

  2. Honestly, the thing that made me smile today was my afternoon tall soy misto with a pump of pumpkin! Kind of pathetic but kind of wonderful haha.

  3. ok. I must be reading your blog in reverse, didnt know about the kitty’s surgery- but glad he is doing well!
    How was the movie? I have seen previews and was wondering if it was good or not.
    And FINALLY. CONGRATS ON THE JOB! (seriously that is like my dream job. I would love to be a swim coach! what kind of ?s did they ask u in the interview?)

    • Thank you dear! The movie was really good! And as for the swim coach position, they asked me about my swimming experience, how I would deal with parents if they were upset, and how I would differentiated my practices to allow for students with less swimming ability to still get a workout on their own level. Nothing too challenging. It seems like it will be a great experience though! 🙂

  4. Oh Geno totally still looks the part of a stud muffin 😀

  5. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Aw 🙂 That’s awesome that you’re going to have some quality time with your man this weekend. Honestly, that’s what Will & I will be trying to do as well– We’ve just been so busy lately!

  6. Chasing Fifty

    Congrats on the coaching job. Always great to “work” at something you love.

  7. Congrats on the job, that’s awesome!!! And good workout 🙂 Have fun this weekend! We’ve got my hubby’s hockey games last night and tonight, just got back from a good workout at the gym, and have long runs tomorrow!

  8. How was the movie? The preview looked so good! This weekend is actually my birthday weekend so we’re celebrating and today I had a surprise visit from my aunt and cousin that really made me smile. Enjoy the time with the BF!

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