Motivated Monday

Monday often seems to be the worst day of the week (obviously) but today has been proving to be a great day!

I woke up at 7 as usual, biked into work, and got down to business. Soon after arriving, I got the normal hunger pains and some yogurt was calling my name!

Usually, I hate fruity yogurt because I don’t like the chunks that are a part of it, but today I went out on a limb.

Blueberry Greek yogurt for the win! Despite the chunks, I loved it!


Go me for trying out new things!

I have a new motto as of today:


Remember when my goal for October was to lose 5 pounds?

It’s not happening at all. In fact the opposite has been happening. I have gained three pounds instead.

“Oh, I have a baby shower this weekend…I can let it slide.”

“Oh man I am stressed out…I need this candy bar!”

“I’d rather watch a movie than work out today.”

No more excuses for me! In fact, I wrote out a calendar until December that covers my workouts for the days.  I am running at 15k in December so this will be my training calendar until then!


And I am writing down my meals in the morning so I can’t stray from what I have planned.  I really hope it all works out! I currently have the motivation to be successful.  I just need to get my butt and gear and keep with it!

Also, anyone in the DC area? I really want to do this race but no one I know can do it with me!

How cool is that? It happens at 1:50 in the morning as the time changes for Daylight Savings…negative times anyone? Winking smile Anything is possible…

Today, I ran for a half hour in the beautiful weather.  I have no idea how far I ran, but I am okay with that!

I also did some lifting (3 x 12 reps for each exercise):

  • Leg raises
  • Dead lifts
  • Bicep curls
  • Flies
  • Tricep kickbacks
  • Double squats with weights (squat to put weights down, squat to pick them up)
  • Dumbbell bench press
  • Calf raises
  • Burpees

Plus, some abs and wall sits! Feel the burn! YAY!

Off to a meeting, pause for dinner, and then heading to class!

What gets you motivated?

Do you plan out your workouts ahead of time?

How’s your Monday?



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22 responses to “Motivated Monday

  1. I generally dont plan my workouts ahead of time but I do have an idea of when I’d like to workout… it doesn’t always happen but I try to make it happen! Good for you for having a calendar!

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Aw, I’m sorry that your goals as planned, but a calendar will definitely help out with that. Also, you should try convincing yourself that working out is an automatic part of your day (just like brushing your teeth, hopefully). That’s what really helps me!

  3. I don’t necessarily “plan” my specific workouts ahead of time, but I definitely look over my week & decide what days are too busy for a workout & those become my rest days. The calendar is a good idea!

  4. Kristen @ livinlifeinlouie

    oh man I need some motivation! maybe we should tweet what we do, or something to keep ourselves accountable!

  5. That race you linked to sounds so cool. I wish I could go down to run, but I have my biggest race of the season the day before! I really like how your attacking your goal of losing 5 lbs. I think that planning ahead is one of the best ways to prevent negative outcomes! Good luck!

  6. I just did a midnight race & loved it! I run so much better at night & it was perfect weather (at least in July). I won’t be racing until Pittsburgh though. Good luck 🙂

  7. I am sorry you didn’t hit your goal Nikki! But I think how you are going about losing the 5 pounds is very rational and you will succeed !

  8. I love DC and would totally do that race for you….except my budget doesn’t really have the cushion to buy a flight for a 5K 🙂 You should totally do it though! Great workout and you’ll meet your goal! I love planning my workouts and meals out ahead of time and find that, for me, it does help me stay on track. Good luck!

  9. some times I plan them out ahead of time, but mostly I just think about what I want to do ahead of time (rather than writing it down)

    Motivation? Read “Zero Regrets” by Apolo Ohno… you’ll be motivated after that lol

    good luck on your weight loss goal. Running is a great way to stay in shape. 🙂

  10. That race sounds brilliant! It’s like when we used to fly overseas and we would “arrive” before we “left” because of the time zones. 🙂

  11. That is super cool! Victoria@District Chocolatic lives in DC. Maybe she’ll be doing it? I’m glad you aren’t making excuses. You will lose that weight. 🙂

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