Poor Kitty :(

Thanks for all of your support on my weight loss goals! I am hoping to get my head in the game and take some of your suggestions as well! Smile

Well, we all know that little Geno has had a rough week with his neuter and all.

Little did he know that wouldn’t be the end of it!

Yesterday, I came home from work and working out at about 4 after having been away from home since the early morning.  I found it unusual that he wasn’t waiting at the door for me, and when I couldn’t find him anywhere, I went on a search.

As it turns out, he got trapped in our attic for approximately six hours without food, water, litter, etc. Our landlord came to show the house since our lease is up in May, and Geno must have snuck up there when they were showing it, but he never came back down!

Poor guy! He is also covered in black stuff from roaming around up there! He seems to be ok though.  His silly mommy wanted to cry started to cry for him! I get too attached to animals…


Today was scar free for the little man. I, on the other hand, had an intensely long day and can’t wait to catch up on sleep over the weekend.. Is it Friday yet???

I woke up at 6, worked until ten on campus, and then headed to sub in an Emotional Support classroom until 4.

After I got home, I went for a 40 minute run in which I was attacked by little, annoying gnats! EW! Definitely a good shower after that one!

run 101811

And since my stomach was hurting, I dove into a veggie burger and pickles. Yum!


Then, I had 3 hour night class! Pfew. I am wiped out.  Time to hope into bed with some How I Met Your Mother episodes and hit the hay!

Do your animals make you cry when they are having a rough day? Or am I the only one that’s cray cray?

I know I have mentioned my obsession before, but is anyone else obsessed with How I Met Your Mother?

Looking forward to the weekend?



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9 responses to “Poor Kitty :(

  1. sorry about your kitty! I dont have any pets, but my parents love theirs!
    I dont know if Im looking forward to this weekend, I have my half marthon haha

  2. I am sooooooooo attached to my pets. I love them more than people.

    Do you have a dailymile account? I am so absessed with workout tracking there 🙂

  3. Aww I am sorry about your kitty! I am so attached to mine as well, so I completely understand!

  4. Nooo! Poor Geno! I would have been frantic looking for him. Glad he’s okay though 😀

  5. I’m totally obsessed with How I Met Your Mother!!! That and Modern Family are my two current favorites 🙂 Sorry about your kitty, good thing you’re home!

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