WIAW : Imagination Version

Hi everyone!!! It’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks, Jenn!

Let’s cut to the chase: Here’s my eats!

Breakfast today took place at work as usual.  I bought a four pack of Honey Oikos Greek yogurt a few weeks ago but I realized that it wasn’t my favorite flavor.  So instead of letting it sit in the fridge until it was beyond bad (let’s face it, I do this stuff all the time…), I mixed in some bunnies instead.


I love my bunnies.  ❤ They definitely made the yogurt tastier and gave it a little crunch, too!

Lunch time is where your imagination will have to suffice.  I was so obsessed with my salad that I forgot to take a picture altogether.  Lunch took place on campus today in which I got to catch up with a friend who I haven’t talked to in forever! Between all the chatting and eating, a picture was the last thing from my mind.  Plus, it was only my second time at the dining hall all year (booo to no longer being an undergrad with a meal plan!) and I was excited to be there! Ok, time to get that photogenic mind going:

My salad consisted of a bunch of romaine, corn, peas, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, tortilla strips, a bit of cheese, and some red wine vinegar.  It was sooo yummy!!

Can’t forget about my honey crisp apple! Smile 


Honey crisps are rapidly becoming my new favorite apple!

Just the thought of  delicious bunnies made me just go grab a few more handfuls to tie me over until dinner.  (PETA, don’t hate me! Winking smile)

On the dinner agenda:

Whole wheat wrap with a crumbled veggie burger, cukes, lettuce, pepper, and some raspberry vinaigrette.  Sooo looking forward to it after the day I had!!

Here’s just a peak of what I’ve been dealing with (on top of work and working out)!


Yep, let’s just say the hamster went sky diving today. Hmmm….wonder who made that happen? He may or may not have 4 white paws and a black body.


Who, me?

Well, off to be productive! I coach Special Olympics swimming tonight, and I think I will be getting in the pool for the first time since the summer.  And even then I only swam like 3 times. We’ll see if it sparks my swimming mojo!

Oh ya, I joined Daily Mile today! GO ME! Smile 

What did you eat today?

Do you love bunnies, alive and graham style?



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12 responses to “WIAW : Imagination Version

  1. I had a fabulous bowl of yogurt with tons of deliciousness for breakfast, tofu, naan, guac., and peppers for lunch, and some kettle corn as a snack!

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Waitttt– Did the cat try to eat the hamster!? Oh no!

  3. What a DAY!

    I love the picture of your cat LOL! I’m glad you are on Daily Mile -woot woot!

  4. Chasing Fifty

    Honey crisp apples rock! I’d never heard of them until a few weeks ago, when Whole Foods was out of Galas. They are great.

  5. Sara Grambusch

    I love BUNNIES! So happy to see them on a blog 🙂

  6. Crazy cat! Haha! I love honeycrisp apples. And I’m happy you’re on dailymile! 🙂

    Today… I had a banana, almond milk, and cereal and more cereal. Yeahhh. I have a cereal addiction. 😉 Gluten-free organic corn flakes though, so I don’t feel TOO bad! We don’t have any other food in the house really.

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