WIAW: Cheesecake Lovin’

Remember yesterday when I asked what exercise I should do today? Well, a few of you had mentioned swimming, but after I thought about it, I couldn’t make it to either of the rec swim hours today! Also, my hip flexor is super duper tight and swimming never helps with that.  One day soon, I WILL get back in the water other than coaching Special Olympics!

On to What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks, Jenn!

I had mentioned the other day that the food from the wedding I went to this weekend was really delicious.  Not only was there awesome tortellini, meats, and polenta (which I hate but my mom loves), there was also an intense dessert/cookie table.  Around Pittsburgh, cookie tables are all the rage.  On this dessert table, there was also a selection of 5 different cheesecakes.


First, there was White Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake.


There was also Turtle cheesecake.


A third choice: Pumpkin cheesecake.


Of course, plain Jane cheesecake.


And lastly, Double Chocolate cheesecake.


It was quite a dilemma to decide which one I wanted to try.  I could have had them all, but figured that wasn’t in my best interest.  I am not the hugest plain cheesecake fan, so I immediately ruled that out. 

After much debate, I finally decided on the pumpkin cheesecake.  I figured it was perfect for the time of year, and I was very satisfied with my decision!  The bakery where the cheesecakes came from definitely knew what they were doing! Smile


Does anyone else flip their cakes and cheesecakes on the side to eat them? I never eat them standing upright.

The day after the wedding was not full of cheesecake, but it was full of Italian loving.  We all went to my great-aunt’s house to celebrate some more, and there was an abundance of Italian cuisine present.


There was pasta, meatballs, black olives, salad, ham, sausage, and bread.


Oh yea, and dessert. What’s life without dessert?

I had some pasta, an abundance of olives, and almond buttercream brownies.  Yummmyyyy!

I could go for some dessert right now! Then again, when can’t I?

Okey dokey, homework time! Have a good day, all!

What’s been on your plate lately?

What are you craving right now?



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14 responses to “WIAW: Cheesecake Lovin’

  1. holy moly cheesecake! I am now craving pumpkin cheesecake haha

  2. I would’ve been in heaven! I love cheesecake…I probably would’ve ended up with a slice of pumping and double chocolate…and then I would’ve had to run further today 🙂

  3. Life is nothing without dessert! I’m a big fan of dessert breakfasts at the weekend when I have the time 🙂

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    YES. When I read that there was pumpkin cheesecake included in the selections, I knew which one you had to pick 😉 You’ve made me proud.

  5. Yes please. I’l have a slice of each 😀

  6. I would have chosen the pumpkin cheesecake too!! Excellent choice 🙂 The turtle one would have been next

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