One of Those Days

Do you ever have those days? You know, the days where something is just off.  Today has definitely been one of “those days” for me.  I feel as though I haven’t been able to do anything right and am just walking through life aimlessly with no clue what in the world I am doing.  Eh, as the story states, “this too shall pass.”

In order to find some assurance that others have felt this wack way before, I fell back on my trusty friend Pinterest. Here are some things that I found:

I also went for a run: the first pain-free run I have had in a few weeks.  It was an amazing beautiful day outside, and I was able to clear my mind a bit while getting my exercise on.  I had my IPOD as my companion, but I barely even focused on the music.  I am feeling much better after, but will be 102356 times better after I make myself some grub.

I am thinking some rice pasta, red wine vinegar, and some veggies. Maybe a little cheese as well. Wait, did I say maybe a little cheese? More like definitely cheese. Cheese makes me happy. As does ice cream.  I am thinking that it will be necessary for an after class snack.  Hopefully class ends early so I can watch Glee and/or New Girl!

Well, time to get my nom on. And prepare to walk onto campus to learn about emotional and behavioral disorders!

What do you do to help clear your mind?

Do you have foods that you tell yourself you can have later? For instance, I am telling myself I can have some ice cream later if I get through class. It gives me something to look forward to!



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4 responses to “One of Those Days

  1. sorry you’re having a rough day. Love those quotes!
    Sending hugs your way!

  2. Congrats on the run – that’s awesome! And I’m with you, cheese and ice cream always make me happy…and chocolate 🙂 Hope tomorrow is better!!!

  3. I’m glad your run went well and I’m sorry about having “one of those days” hate them!

    I totally tell myself I can have peanut butter or cereal if I finish reading my textbook first!

  4. I’m sorry you didn’t have the greatest of days — it’s always a bummer when that happens. Loving the inspirational quotes, though. Sometimes I tell myself when I am going to have frozen yogurt… THAT makes me get through anything, haha 🙂

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