Versatile Blogger Award

Howdy, all! I just got to my boyfriend’s house to spend Thanksgiving.  I was unable to go home this year, but that’s why we celebrated early this past weekend!

Hope you all are pumped for the holiday! I know I am!

I was recently awarded the “Versatile Blogger Award” from Moving and Munching!

So here are seven random things about me:

– I have never broken a bone, but I have been considered a “walking hospital bill” due to various shoulder injuries, a sprained ankle, kidney surgery, and many more random things over the years.

– I am extremely terrified by loud, quick noises.  The sound of a popping balloon, firework, bag popping, etc, freaks me out to no end!

– I have never played a “team sport”.  I was on the track team (which was a failure) in eighth grade and was a dancer growing up.  Oh ya, and I swam for forever. Duh. But those are more of individual sports…I guess I am not much for hand eye coordination 😉

– I could live on pretzels, peanut butter, pizza and ice cream.

– I hate coffee, but wish I loved it because I often need caffeine to the blood stream.

– I love camping.  Every summer, my family goes to Assateague Island, MD to camp on the beach.  Amazing!

– I have a few pet peeves: People touching my feet while I am swimming, people who leave the lights/tv on when they are not even home, when I have voicemails that say nothing of importance, people who are late, people who leave the gym and instantly light up a cigarette, and more.  I guess I am a biotch. Whatevvvssss.

Well, that’s a little randomness about me!

I am further awarding this to: 

Shannon – My Place in the Race

Kristen – Livin’ Life in Louie

Jess – A Taste of Confidence

Allie – Allie’s Life

Jamie – Stuck Outside the Box

And anyone else that would like to do this, I encourage you to do so! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving! I don’t know the next time I will post due to holiday celebrating! Enjoy your day with family and friends!

I yam thankful for ye! 🙂



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10 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Have a great Thanksgiving! I have never broken a bone either but have gotten a stress fracture (if that counts).

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve never broken a bone either. Camping on the beach sounds AMAZING. I miss the beach so much. 😦
    I’m glad I’ve found someone else who dislikes coffee! Haha I feel like such a loner in this coffee-obsessed country sometimes. 😉
    Thanks for the tag!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! My sister hates coffee too so I can relate. I hate smoking in general but especially when athletes and medical professionals do it.

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  5. I love these random fact things! I hadn’t broken a bone until I fracture my toe in the spring, though I’ve never been to the hospital… knock on wood!

  6. happy thanksgiving! And thanks for the award!! you are too sweet! and I havent broken a bone either and I hate when people touch my feet when Im swimming too! (i think from all those years of people trying to pass me, then when they go in front of my they go slow haha)

  7. Happy Turkey Day! This award is so fun, I love learning more about the writers behind the blog 😀

  8. Thanks girl! Have a great holiday.

  9. Wow, those horses are beautiful on the beach. 🙂 Also, the sound of balloons popping make me jump a mile every time, too! Haha! Oh, and I’ve never broken a bone either (knock on wood)! 🙂

  10. I’m the same way about quick noises too! I hate balloons & fireworks!!! I do like the pretty fireworks that up in the air…from a distance though 🙂

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