Gingerbread Making

Hope your Monday is kicking some serious bootay!

Today, I finally got back to the gym and did a little biking/walking.  Iced up, too, so hopefully the hip stays somewhat ok!

Also, tonight, I had my first exam in years considering all last year was projects and student teaching.  Cross my fingers, but I think it went well! And I was out in time to watch How I Met Your Mother, though I was really hoping to learn about Robin’s pregnancy!

But, onto the real reason for my post! This past weekend, I babysat some amazing kiddos.  I mentored Makenna and we became really close, so we continue to spend lots of time together Smile.  I babysat her and her little brother and Travis came along to help.

We got in the holiday spirit by making some awesome gingerbread houses!

Since we had two kits, we split girls and guys.  There was a lot of candy and icing eating, but we made two pretty good looking houses!


We girls took our good old time and finished a lot later than the impatient boys Winking smile.  But the final projects were well worth the wait!





The girls’ finished project is on the left, and the boys’ is on the right!



Gingerbread cookies are my favorite EVER, so I was really tempted to eat the whole thing.  So were the kiddos!



All in all, it was a great time and really got me into the holiday spirit!


It definitely resulted in a sugar high, as shown by the following picture:


And the subsequent sugar crash on the couch:


It was definitely an awesome time! Super excited for Christmas, and to have kids of my own to make super spectacular gingerbread houses. But for now, I’ll make do with what I have! Smile

Whose house would you say wins? Boys or girls?

Do you enjoy gingerbread cookies?

Do you make gingerbread houses??



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7 responses to “Gingerbread Making

  1. Travis

    Boys win hands down! Looks like the boys even included icicles!

  2. girls defiantly win! haha
    Love the houses! My family usually makes cookies, but today I just picked up a gingerbread house for andrew and me to make!

  3. Girls win! Your gingerbread house is so cute. Well, they both are, but I like yours better! I remember making gingerbread houses every year with my family. We always used graham crackers though, and I never had a completed house.. graham crackers smothered in icing are too good!

  4. Such a fun holiday activity! I’ve always wanted to make a gingerbread house but I never have! Maybe this year!

  5. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Sorry boys, but it looks like the girls house is cuter. Maybe it’s the sprinkles that won me over 😉

  6. AHAHA. That is too cute and too funny. I think I like the boys because it’s as crazy as me and delish looking. I tried to make a gingerbread house once and it was ultimate fail lolz.

  7. I hope your hip is feeling good today! Ice always helps me!

    I love both houses .. because I LOVE gingerbread too! Yum 🙂

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