Christmas Tunes

Want to know my favorite part of the day?

When I hop in my car early morning, ignite the engine, and hear my stereo roar to life with the sounds of never-ending Christmas music!


As I write this post, I am watching them light the ginormous Christmas tree in Rockefeller Square!  Don’t be jealous, but one time I saw the Rockets dance their hearts out during their Christmas special.  And a different time, I even met a Rocket and toured through behind the scenes of their stage!

Here’s proof:

In the holiday spirit, I am going to name some of my favorite holiday tunes!

– The Muppets Christmas Album – MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE EVER! This is practically the only Christmas album my mom will listen to unless it is actually Christmas day.  Love it!

– The GLEE Christmas music from last year’s episode! I seriously love when Blaine and Kurt sing together Smile Ahhh perfect.

– Along the lines of Glee, Straight No Chaser sing some banging Christmas music!

Amy Grant is another one that I grew up loving.  Her song “Grown Up Christmas List” is beautiful. Once upon a time, we sang that song in middle school chorus.  I also have her Christmas album on cassette.  That’s how awesome she is.

– As a huge punk rock/alternative fan throughout high school (and I’ll admit it, still to this day…), I love the Santa Cause: It’s a Punk Rock Christmas CD in which punk bands sing holiday songs, and some of their own Christmas related music!

N*Snyc’s Christmas CD NEVER gets old! I love me some JT, Lance Bass, and the like. Perfect <3.

– Of course I love the standard Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, etc songs, too!

If I had to pick my absolute favorite holiday tune, I think I would pick “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” I love it.  And I often make Travis sing a duet with me to the jam! He loves me Winking smile!

Do you love Christmas music as much as I do?

Did you watch Christmas in Rockefeller?

What’s your favorite holiday tune?



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7 responses to “Christmas Tunes

  1. I love christmas music! and I have always (its a secret) wanted to be a rocket haha

  2. I had to DVR the tree lighting because I had dodgeball tonight but I plan to watch it tomorrow night 🙂 and I LOVE Straight no Chaser!

  3. I saw bits and pieces of the show last night! It was cute 🙂

    I saw the Rockettes once in Pittsburgh. I like your picture… they are all so TALL!!!

  4. 95.1 95.1 95.1!!!!

    I love “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt.
    And the Glee album is seriously amazing!

    Pandora in the library is a must, as well. I’m pretty sure I haven’t listened to “normal” music in over a month lol

  5. Ahh! We listen to “Tender Tennessee Christmas” by Amy Grant every single year while we decorate the Christmas tree! One of my favorites on that album. 🙂

    And “O Holy Night” by N’sync… ah-mazing!

  6. I just pulled out my NSYNC Christmas CD last night! I love it!

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