WIAW Compilation Edition

Good evening to you! (Or morning or afternoon…depending on when you get around to reading!)

Geno says hi!


Like my pjs? haha And yes, underneath that blanket is a pair of pants to match the top! I give you all right to be jealous.


Well, as I sit here listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album and drinking hot chocolate, I figured it’s about time I returned to the party!

The What I Ate Wednesday party, of course! Many thanks to Jenn, of course! It’s been a while since I have taken part!

This WIAW is going to be a compilation of some of the yummy eats I have had lately.  With my overly busy schedule, it seems as though I only remember to capture the “stand-out” foods in my daily routine.  And most of the shots will be phone pictures…eh, the life of a busy college student!

So we’ll start off with some eats from Sunday.  Travis was here, and we went out to a local restaurant called “Ship Wreck”. 

I started off the meal with some Chicken Corn Soup, which I had never even heard of until venturing to the eastern side of Pennsylvania.  It’s so strange that there are so many cultural differences from home to school.


I also got a yummy Caesar salad with awesome homemade croutons.  I did get a balsamic dressing instead of the Caesar though!


Now, onto today!

I woke up this morning, and had leftover egg casserole that my sister had made over the weekend.  It consists of crescent rolls, eggs, bacon, potatoes, and cheese.  And boy oh boy is it delicious!


Told ya the pants existed Winking smile!

I also had a pretty banging salad for lunch, as well as an unpictured apple and cheese stick!  In the salad was romaine, peppers, cucumber, sesame seeds, and some cheese with light Catalina dressing.


My dinner was pretty boring (a bowl of chicken noodle soup), but I did have a piece of cake because it was one of the swimmer’s birthdays today! Oh, the perks of being a coach! Winking smile  Hopefully, I burned it off a Zumba this evening!


Don’t mind the icing mess all over my hands.  I helped dish it out to the ravenous swimmers as they finished up practice.

I think that’s about it for any standout food in my life lately.  Other than the outrageous amounts of nut butter spoonfuls that always seem to sneak their way into the mix.

Eh, I’m not really complaining!

What have you been eating lately!? Any standout yumminess?

How was your hump day Wednesday?



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11 responses to “WIAW Compilation Edition

  1. Everything looks delicious….especially the cake!

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Man, since I’ve been home, I’ve been going nut butter CRAZY! There is something about the different nut butters here that make me want them so much more than the ones I have back at school. Maybe it’s just because they’re different varieties!?

  3. That breakfast casserole sounds really good! Anything with crescent rolls, bacon & cheese is a winner!

  4. No standout yummies for me sadly. Your food looks so good though. I used to love swimming birthdays. Ha true story-this one kid in high school brought cupcakes and we thought it would be a good idea before practice to eat them. I have not a clue of what we were thinking but the practice ended up being one of the hardest of my life.

  5. survivingcandyland

    Birthday cake. Omg so good. That is one of my weaknesses in life. I just love that buttercream icing. That egg casserole looks ridic good. I think you are going to need to share that with me.

  6. hey girlie!!
    reading you blog make me happy because it reminds me that i need to get back in the pool (Tri season is quickly approaching!)
    I’ve been eating tons of hot foods (coffee/oats/hot cocoa/soup) it’s been getting down to the low 30’s here at night and that is chilly for this wimp!

  7. Geno is so cute! I love your pj pants LOL!! The cake you had looks soo good 🙂

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