Eats as of late

I would have kept this for a WIAW post, but I will make it an early one, and maybe add it to the list tomorrow! Smile

I will keep the words to a minimum and just show you some of the food I had over the Christmas holiday and through today!


Frozen Custard… with some Reese’s cup mixed in!


Of course tons of candy from Mr. Snowman!


Homemade ravioli, sauce, and meatballs!


An array of Christmas cookies! Including the BEST gingerbread cookie ever from my aunt!  She makes one for each of us each year!



Tons of smoothies from my new Ninja Smile


As well as popcorn from my new popper! With some parmesan garlic seasoning!


And also some AMAZING grapes! I love the sour green ones!

Ok, this pretty much makes me seem as though I only eat junk food.  Which has been partly true lately… but I did have a huge salad for dinner this evening! It was quite delicious!

Well, I am off to watch Friends with Benefits while enjoying some fresh  popcorn Smile

I probably won’t be blogging for a bit because Travis is coming to spend a day or two! I’ll see you when I can! This break has been busier than I anticipated! But I am ok with it!

What yummy things have you been eating lately?!



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17 responses to “Eats as of late

  1. Those gingerbread men look adorable. Julie (my housemate) and I actually have a popper and it is so much better than the microwave I think. I’m actually going to do a blog on what I’ve been eating some time soon. About time eh?

  2. i looooove meadows! i have pumpkin froyo stored in my fridge at school lol!

  3. Yum! I’m loving the cookies and the custard. The gingerbread man is too cute! I may have finished all the gingerbread men all by myself… that’s what my family gets for raising a hungry little runner 🙂

  4. AntosDoesLife

    Funny little story: I work at an ambulance company as an EMT part-time. The one Saturday morning me and my partner sat on the couch and watched “The Ninja” commercial for like 3 hours. After 2 hours we were able to look at each other and say, “Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if I had this blender with a recipe book?” and then the other would say, “But wait?! There’s more…with a FREE recipe book.” The rest of our company just sat there and watched us interact for over 3 hours. Good times. 🙂

  5. I am jalous of the frozen yogurt and homemade ravioli!!!

    Have a nice time with Travis <3!!!

  6. I was definitely not eating so healthy the past week or so! I’ve been able to change that a bit as of Monday — but I totally enjoyed indulging.

  7. I have been eating every piece of candy, chocolate, and sweet that I lay eyes on 😦 haha

  8. The Christmas goodies all look so tasty! Hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend!

  9. Yummy recent eats! I’ve been having lots of smoothies too..they are just too good to give up during the winter! 🙂

  10. Have you ever tired frozen grapes?!?! Put a few in the freezer and then you will never go back to regular!

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