Super Sad Sunday

Ok, instead of droning on about how depressed I am about that Steeler’s game Sad smile, I will show you some of my favorite pins on Pinterest.  I just don’t have the will power to think for myself this evening haha.

Before that, though, I will have you know that I ran 6 miles today! Baby steps…

Now onto the favorite pins as of late:

Favorite Recipe:

Crock Pot Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

Favorite Animal: (Ok, this was the hardest one to choose)

Favorite Fitness:

I love riding my bike to all places possible Smile

Favorite Music Pic:

Favorite truth:

Favorite scene:

Greece looks absolutely gorgeous!

Favorite Harry Potter:

Ok, I will admit.  That one was only because I couldn’t decide on my favorite animal.

Now time for comfort in hot chocolate and popcorn…

Anyone else as disappointed that the Steelers lost this evening? Things were looking up for a bit!

How was your weekend?! I have been so spoiled lately and got to spend another one with Travis!



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6 responses to “Super Sad Sunday

  1. lollll P. Sherman… oh how true.

    6 miles!! Great job!

  2. Hahhaa I saw that address pin… too funny! Great job on the 6 miles too Nikki, you must have felt fantastic afterward 🙂 Such a great accomplishment!

  3. The chicken caesar sandwich sounds great!

    I’m not a big football fan, but I was watching the end of that game with my husband! He’s an Eagles fan, but his dad is from Pittsburg, so he had to root for them now… bummer!

  4. Great pins! 😉 I’m totally addicted to pinterest! I hear ya on the loss…my team lost last week and it was such a bummer. :-/

  5. Ummm…Adam Levine…YUMMY! 😛 Oh my…

    And the kitten is so stinking CUTE!!!

  6. love pinterest and everyone one of those pictures! (i was at work all weekend..booo!

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