Happy Thursday to all! Is your weather as miserable as mine?

Here’s the yucky view of campus out of my office window:


I do not want to venture out there…it’s rainy and cold!

I did leave the office earlier to do something that I have NEVER in my life done.  Can you guess what it is?  Maybe the title can help.

I walked to Starbucks for a coffee caffeine fix.  Did you ever know that I have been anti-coffee for my entire life until this past Saturday?  I used to despise everything about it.

My insanely busy schedule, though, has left me looking for a little pick-me-up here and there.  Instead of caffeine to the bloodstream, I have tried to “force” myself to enjoy some of the delights that coffee can offer.  I have heard it is an acquired taste, anyway.  And luckily my tastebuds are starting to become acquired to it in small doses.  I sorta wish I could be as cool as all of you black coffee freaks. Yep, I just called you all freaks Winking smile

Though I haven’t really enjoyed the more plain stuff, I am ok with a little bit of yummy creamer or chocolate added in.  At Starbucks today, I ordered a Mocha Light and I really enjoyed it! And my energy enjoyed the added boost as well!

The thing I am confused about is what my name is?

You tell me what you think:


Maybe I am Nichie? Richie? Nichu? Not entirely sure.  All I know is, that’s not my name. Smile

Well, another hour of work, a quick workout, and another swim meet this evening! Have a great day!

If you are a coffee drinker, how do you like your coffee? Any suggestions for a new coffee drinker (preferably more “healthy” options).

Do you ever have your name slaughtered at Starbucks?



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13 responses to “Coffee?

  1. Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog

    I love drinking coffee in the morning. I didn’t use to and I realized that I was always so tired in the morning without a cup of coffee. My boyfriend drinks it black but I can’t. I usually just add a little bit of almond milk to it or sometimes I just add some creamer.

  2. I cannot drink it black- i’ve tried. I like it with cream and a little sugar. I LOVE my cup of coffee in the morning so I figure I’d rather have that be indulgent then other parts of my day : )

  3. Nichii. Like Hawaii. Except one of the i’s is missing a dot. haha. I have no idea what that is about. I don’t know about out there, but for just plain, straight-up coffee, a lot of people out here, including myself, do not like Starbucks. Always burnt. Always sludge. gah.

    Healthy options would be to skip out on the fancy drinks (basically the anything but straight coffee w/ your fixings) unless you’re treating yourself on occasion. I don’t drink coffee very much, but when I do I just have it black.

    Also it’s 80 degrees here today… lol. sorry. It did completely pour over the weekend, though.

  4. Mmm I LOVE coffee. I drink a cup every morning & put two Splendas + a dash of creamer. I know some people have an aversion to Splenda (& creamer for that matter), but I love the combo & a little bit isn’t going to kill me! My favorite Starbucks drink is a skinny vanilla latte… a must-try!

  5. I LOVE COFFEE. I make it every morning and mix in a packet of hot chocolate. Butter Toffee Coffee + Chocoate = delicious!

  6. Wow I can’t believe you’ve been a coffee hater! I love it so so much! I like flavored coffee with creamer 🙂

  7. Not sure exactly what they wrote but I agree with you. I don’t think it’s your name. Mine always gets spelled Susan instead of Suzanne so I’ve learned to answer to any variation that sounds about right.

  8. i like coffee (and love starbucks!) i can’t have my coffee black. I love the sweet stuff haha

  9. YES! I have a great Starbucks-messing-up-my-name story! It’s one of Christopher’s favorite stories. We were on our honeymoon and grabbed drinks at Starbucks. I told them my name was “Rach” but they wrote it as “Roch” so the person who called my name out said, “ROCK!” You can imagine their surprise when I responded to that name instead of one of the other big men standing around close by, haha! Anyway, it may have been one you needed to be there for, but Christopher and I crack up every time we bring it up, haha!

  10. If you start brewing it go for the sugar free creamers. I like gas station coffee the best. The only time I can actually have black coffee is before a road race. Other than that…it’s sweet and milky all the way.

  11. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    As soon as I saw “coffee” in this post, I had to jump in! I’m a hardcore coffee lover, and my favorite way is just freshly brewed with hazelnut or vanilla coconut creamer (which I get at Whole Foods.) At Starbucks, I’ll sometimes take the plunge and get a pumpkin spice or a vanilla latte, but to sway away from the artificial sweeteners I mostly just get plain cafe lattes.

    Welcome to the family 😀

  12. i’m a freak 🙂
    black and bold…because that’s all that was served at swim meets, and my stomach would be too knotted for milk. I swear it grows on you and you will soon find black coffee delicious…or get a really yummy creamer from the grocery store!

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