A Great Weekend in Picture Form

Here are pictures from my awesome weekend Smile  I could give a minute by minute run-down but thought pictures would be best!


Trav’s pile!


What I got Travis for his birthday/ Valentine’s day!


Geno relaxing!


Pre-movie Panera date! We saw the Vow Smile


Free M&Ms that were enjoyed during the movie!


Food that I brought to last during the long day of swim meet!


My swimmers before their Mid Penns meet!


The chocolate stash I came home to!


Cillians’ baptism!


My sister is the godmother!


Post baptism celebration!

Now, off to enjoy the Penguins hockey game with my friend, Tim Smile! I am only home for a little bit longer!

How was your weekend?! Mine was amazing!



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8 responses to “A Great Weekend in Picture Form

  1. Looks like a great birthday weekend! And that candy stash looks pretty amazing!

  2. Kristen @ livinlifeinlouie

    I am SOOOO jealous of your chocolate stash- please feel free to share ! haha
    Also, how was the Vow? I want to see it!

  3. dayglows

    Happy birthday weekend! Looks like you had fun. I’m jealous of your chocolate stash!

  4. Glad you guys had so much fun! Was The Vow good? I am excited to see it!

  5. AWEEE. Adorable! I really want to see the Vow actually. It sounds so cute!

  6. What an amazing weekend! That valentines candy looks particularly yummy… I definitely had a nice weekend, spent with friends!

  7. What an awesome weekend!! I saw The Vow as well… but I didn’t get free M&M’s LUCKKKYY!!

  8. daaaaaaang you got your man an xbox kinect 360.

    hope you have a nice valentines day :))

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