Birthday Run-down

Today is my birthday! Happy 23rd to me! Smile

Here’s a little run down of my day!

Woke up around 8 and played Just Dance 3 (which I considered my fun workout for the day! Winking smile)

After, I packed up all of my belongings from my weekend at home before heading to the doctor’s office.

At the doctor’s, I learned that I have tendonitis in my left hip flexor.  I finally determined what is wrong after all of these months! While I am glad to have a diagnosis, I am sad that I will have to do some physical therapy and delay my training for the marathon even further.  At this point, it’s up in the air as to whether or not I will be legitimately training for it…  Gotta build up the muscle in my hips and surrounding area in order to relieve some of the pain.  I am used to the whole tendonitis thing as I have had it in my elbows and shoulder as a swimmer!

But moving forward…after the doctor appointment, I swung back home to pick up Rexy and drive the 2.5 hours back to school. For those of you who don’t know, Rex is my sister’s dog.  He is spending the week with me while she helps her friend go wedding dress shopping! Geno and Rex aren’t so sure of each other  yet…


After arriving back in Ship, I heading straight to swim practice, came home for a quick dinner, and then headed to my night class. I had full intentions of catching up on the blog reading that I neglected the past few days, but I think that I am just going to relax and watch SMASH instead! It’s my birthday, anyway! I deserve to relax a bit Smile. I promise I will catch up on it tomorrow!

Oh, and while I was home, I got an early Valentine’s Day present from my parents! They know me far too well!



Hehe…they thought the unique little cutie was a lot like me when I was younger.  I guess you could say I’ve always had an imaginative personality…

Thank you to all of you who have wished me happy birthday today! It truly means a lot!

Any plans for the holiday tomorrow? Cupid swinging by your way? I will be spending it with Rex and Gene…my backup boyfriends when mine is an hour away!



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13 responses to “Birthday Run-down

  1. Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog

    Happy birthday Nikki!! I hope you had a fantastic birthday. 🙂

  2. dayglows

    Happy birthday Nikki! Any day that involves Reese’s is bound to be great!

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Happy happy birthday! I just get settled back into my apartment and am catching up on blog reading now, but glad I caught this post!

    Hope you have a fantastic vday 😀

  4. I’ve actually had tendinitis in my hip and that stinks. Hip pain is seriously so painful.

    I’m glad your birthday was awesome. Double celebration between that and Valentines day! wahhooo! 😉

  5. Kristen @ livinlifeinlouie

    my valentine is andrew. I got him some fun crayons and star wars stuff haha. I dont think Ill get anything 😦
    So Sorry about tendonitis. If you want to come to st louis to do the full marathon w/ me you can!!!!! haha

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a GREAT one! 🙂

  7. Ouchie! 😦

    I love when animals first meet each other. They are so funny! Happy Birthday!!

  8. Happy birthday! Ha ha, I love the pic of the two pets checking each other out 🙂

  9. I’m glad you had a nice b-day! I love that you played Just Dance 3 — LOVE that game!!! I hope your hip gets better ASAP for the marathon! Keep us updated <3333

  10. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Hope this has been a great week for you!

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