Extended Weekend

Because today is President’s Day, the high school didn’t have school and swim practice was in the morning.  That meant that Travis could stick around all day and we could spend a little bit longer together! Just beware, though, because it was a pretty boring Monday!

One thing we discovered today is that Biscoff spread is heaven in the form of a food.  It tastes like cinnamon grahams crackers, and it took every bit of will power I have to not eat the entire jar spoonful by spoonful.  I think it would be perfect on waffles, fruit, toast, rice cakes, or legitimately anything.  I can’t wait to have a biscoff and jelly sandwich.

Oh ya, and some people had mentioned that they hadn’t heard of Wegman’s and were curious as to what it is.  I would describe it as a glorified grocery story and hot/cold foods deli bar.  It is ginormous and has a huge selection of gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options as well as your normal grocery store items. It is pretty amazing.

Another thing we picked up at Wegman’s was Coco popcakes.  I had one today and it was pretty yummy.  They are made out of wheat flour, rice flour, white corn flour, water, sea salt, and only have 16 calories each.  Sounds like a good snack to me…especially with some biscoff spread Smile.


Trav and I also ran a few errands today.  One of those was to buy myself a new wristlet.  Mine was getting a little bit shabby looking, and since I honestly carry it everywhere with me, I didn’t feel too guilty buying a new one.  Good thing there’s a Vera Bradley store within 3 minutes of my apartment!






I also ordered Mama Pea’s cookbook Peas and Thank You on Amazon for $12.23!!! I suggest that you buy it if you haven’t already! I will definitely need it for my vegan phase.  Maybe it will stick with yummy recipes included! I am really trying to broaden my horizons!

I think that’s about it for today.  Other than a ride on the bike while watching some more Netflix, today was a rather lazy day.  I am definitely ok with that!

What’s your ideal Monday? If I could, I would have an extended Monday every week!



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4 responses to “Extended Weekend

  1. Glad you enjoyed your free day! We watched NCIS from 10-8. Seriously for 10 hours and I stayed in my pj’s all day long.

  2. Sounds like you had a nice weekend Nikki! And yeah, Biscoff Spread is so soooo good! Dangerous though haha
    Love the new Vera Bradley Wallet!

  3. kristen @ livinlifeinlouie

    I have heard of peas of thank you, do you foolower her blog?
    Also love the new wallet!

  4. I have yet to try biscoff spread, but it sounds AMAZING! I’ve also been meaning to try Trader Joes Cookie butter…or something like that. Every time I go they’re all OUT! :-/ I ❤ Wegmans, I swear I could go there everyday!

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