WIAW Lenten Edition

Today has been another crazy day.  So crazy that I didn’t even have time to squeeze in a workout until after 9 pm!!

6:05 am – Wake up, walk Rex, get ready for work

6:30 am – Arrive at work, drink coffee to try and wake up a little bit


7:00 am – Eat the Clif Builder’s bar I brought along


8:00 am – Read some textbooks for class while working at the front desk of the gym

10:00 am – Switch from working at the rec center to working at my graduate assistantship

10:05 am – Get starving and eat an apple


11:15 am – Eat a yummy PB&J (picture doesn’t do it ANY justice!)


12:00 pm – Train new lab attendant employees

1:00 pm – Down a handful of almonds (which were demolished so quickly I forgot to photograph)

2:00 pm – Head home to walk Rex again

2:30 pm – Time to head to coach swim practice!

3:00 pm – Snack time – Fruit!

5:00 pm – Head home and have dinner! (And play with Rex and Geno of course…)




Salad, veggie burger, baked potato with some season salt, and a ketchup/BBQ sauce mix!

6:00 pm – Ash Wednesday church service

7:00 pm – Head to class late (oops…church was important!)

9:00 pm – Pre-workout snack of a Coco Pop and Biscoff spread (which is almost gone…too addictive!)


9:15 pm – 20 minute 30 day shred workout with Jillian…better than nothing!

10:00 pm – Still starving, so some air popped popcorn hit the spot!


No meat was had in traditional Catholic fashion, and it was a good first day of being vegan.  I am so excited to feel how clean my body is after Lent.  I know that I have been putting less than ideal things into my system, and my stomach let’s me know that it’s not happy on a regular basis.

Thanks to the wonderful Jennfor another great WIAW party!

Oh, and for those of you with home bike trainers, check this articleout.  It includes some good ideas to spice up the boring bike workouts!

Tomorrow is my first physical therapy session for my hip!Wish me luck!

Happy Wednesday!



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9 responses to “WIAW Lenten Edition

  1. I am SOOO incredibly proud of you! When I read you didn’t workout till 9pm. I htought “HOLY MOLY! I never have worked out that late in so long!” I usually just make excuse after excuse.
    (also, I need your strength and motivation. I just wrote my lent post, please keep me to it for the next 40 days haha)

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Wow, I just have to say that I’m SO impressed that you’re able to get your workout on past 9:00 PM! I have a difficult time even keeping my eyes open pas that time!

  3. Wow working out at nine pm is amazing. I don’t know about you but we had a few swim practices that were 8-10 back in the day and they were god awful. I have since avoiding that situation since. 😉

  4. Way to go girl, I’m sure your body will feel so cleansed after Lent. I wish I had your will power. I would love to try to be Vegan for a little while. I agree, I’d be too exhausted to workout that late, but KUDOS to you for being so motivated, the hard work is sure to pay off! 😉

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