Friday Favorites

I don’t know if I have done a Friday Favorites post before, but this one is going to be all of my music/television favorites as of late.  I guess it’s like MTV. Or something like that.

Be warned, I liked what many people consider strange music.  My swimmers think I am emo.  It’s totally fine.

  • If you are FB friends with me, you may know that I have an obsession with Nate Ruess and his bands The Format and fun. Fun. just put out a new album entitled “Some Nights”.  The intro is my favorite song right now.  How strange is that…an intro being my favorite song?!


  • New Girl is by far my favorite show as of late.  I am in love with Zooey Deschanel.  She is definitely the girl I would marry if I had to marry a girl.  The show is hysterical and quirky.  And believe it or not, I am pretty quirky. Nick is my favorite.

  • I have also been obsessed with the band Marianas Trench lately.  I first heard them on an MTV commercial, looked into them, and kind of fell in love.  And as Travis would say, Mariana’s Trench is the deepest part of the world’s oceans.  Therefore, they must be cool.
  • I may prove my weirdness, but I also love I Just Want My Pants Back.  The show makes me laugh and I love the main character, Jason.  He is right up my alley.  But as you have probably realized, I have odd taste in men.

  • A band that I have liked for a while thanks to my friend Tim is The Gabe Dixon band.  Their music is very relaxing and great to belt to while in the car.  It’s also my kind of study music. There is always a huge spot in my heart for music involving a piano.
  • Final show that just started around the Super Bowl is SMASH.  Ever since I can remember, I have had a huge love of musicals and showtunes.  (Speaking of show tunes…GLEE this past week blew my mind…but that’s another story…)  SMASH is following the creation of a Marilyn Monroe musical.  Something starring Katharine McPhee and Debra Messing has to be great.  I have loved Debra since Will and Grace.

That’s just a little taste of what I enjoy!

Does anyone else like the “strange music” that I love?!

What have you been enjoying lately?

Happy Weekend to you! Smile



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2 responses to “Friday Favorites

  1. I havent heard those songs before! LOVE the gabe Dixon band (I agree, any music is better w/ a piano)
    Hope you are having a good weekend w/ travis!

  2. I have zero-musical talent/background but I LOVE musicals (GLEE, Smash) and American Idol/X-factor…I am soooo amazed by talents singers/performers!
    I really like NEW GIRL too! I cannot stop laughing for the entire 30-min…it’s such a goofy show!
    I hope you’ve been having a great weekend!

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