Swimming, Movies, and Food

This weekend revolved around swimming, movies, and food, as so many of my weekends lately have!

Friday and Saturday were consumed by the district swim meet – the last swim meet for me to coach all season! The swimmers did amazing, and our girl’s relay team broke another team record – 200 free relay! Soooo proud of the swimmers and their entire season! It has been such an amazing experience, and this team was the best.  I can’t wait to see them all soon at the banquet Smile


Watching footage of their record-smashing relay Winking smile

As per usual, Travis and I watched a lot of movies this weekend, too.  Friday night was Take Me Home Tonight with Topher Grace.  I have been in love with him since his Eric Forman days.  The movie was cute and funny.  My type of movie for sure.  And, I guess it was a That 70’s Show inspired weekend, because on Saturday we watched The Killers with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl.  I love them both and laughed my way through that movie as well!

Today was all about food.  I made a new-to-me vegan recipe, and it was extremely unique to me.  The recipe was Teriyaki Tofu from Peas and Thank You, and it was the first time Travis or I had ever tried tofu. 


For the recipe, you first make a homemade teriyaki and marinade some tofu before broiling the tofu.  We ate it with rice and veggies.  The verdict: Travis was a fan but I am not so sure about the tofu.  Maybe I would have to have someone who is familiar with cooking tofu make it for me before I set my decision in stone, but I wasn’t terribly happy with it.  I mostly just ate the rice and veggies with teriyaki sauce.  Then again, I am picky Nikki.  The nice thing was that I tried something new and have broadened my options! You never know until you try!


I had leftover rice from the meal, divided it into cup-sized portions, and popped it into the freezer for easy meals in the future!


Following our meal, we watched Food, Inc.  Let me just tell you, I am glad that I have decided to forego meat at least for the time being.  If you have never seen this documentary, you really should. It is about the change in meat and food production throughout the years.  It includes health and safety, and the changes made to make food production faster and cheaper.  It talks about how bacteria has become more prevalent in meats throughout the years and what is causing the outbreaks. I definitely learned a thing or two and organic and nonorganic meats.  I don’t want to get into too much detail because you should definitely watch this documentary.  Trav and I got a good discussion out of it!  I recommend you see it if you haven’t already!

I have really been enjoying this vegan thing.  I have learned so much about myself and about foods…it’s only been 12 days, too! Still plenty of more time to see what’s in store!

Alright…opinion time:

Do you like tofu?

Have you ever seen Food, Inc.? What do you think of it?!



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12 responses to “Swimming, Movies, and Food

  1. Tofu took a while for me to like, but I kind of acquired a taste. Actually, I really just eat it when I’m at whole foods – they know how to make some killer tofu!

  2. I don’t like tofu in the slightest. I tried it once got super sick and I vowed to never have it again ahaha. Anyways-as far as Food INC-I would highly recommend that movie to anyone. It’s so powerful and I learned sooooo much!

  3. I’ve never had tofu, & I’ve always wondered if I would like it or not. If I had to guess, I’d say… probably not!

  4. Jessica LaRosa

    I love tofu! But only when prepared certain ways. I usually add it to stir-fry and crush it up so it would be like the scrambled egg in fried rice. I also use it in vegan lasagna. It’s odd to me if I try to eat “chunks” of it. Tempeh has a much better texture and so does seitan.

  5. tofu and I are not the best of friends haha. But I know that a lot of people like it.
    I have never seen Food Inc. I can’t even imagine what is in that movie, and Im scared of what they will show/say.

  6. I like tofu. I know it’s pretty much flavorless, but I like it for some reason. However, I definitely make sure I am eating non-GMO tofu. It’s straight soy, so be careful of that.

    Especially after watching Food Inc.

    Awesome movie. Eye opener.

    Congrats on the relay!

  7. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Food Inc is eye opening! When Will and I watched it, we immediately swore to ourselves that we would try to limit our meat intake. Now he RARELY eats red meat (which I’ve never been a fan of to begin with) and we both limit the amount of turkey and chicken that goes into our bodies.

    I’m so glad you watched it, especially now that you’re doing the no meat thing!

  8. I have seen Food Inc and yeah, it was very eye-opening! I know I didn’t want to eat chicken for a while after and really made me more conscious of my meat decisions, where it’s coming from and how much.
    I have never made tofu myself, but on the rare times I get it at WF, I enjoy it!

  9. At least you tried the tofu! Maybe it’s an acquired taste?! Congrats to your team and for their relay! WOO!

  10. I really appreciated Food Inc. It opened my eyes to a lot. I haven’t seen it since I was in college, though, so I’ve forgotten lots of it. I need to see it again!

  11. I actually own Food Inc, bt have never watched it…I am too afraid! Weird, right?? But I have seen BOTH Take Me Home Tonight and The Killers. I really liked both of them! Glad to have met you through Foodie Penpals!

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