Happy as a Clam

Happy Wednesday to all! I am in a good mood today…which is strange for hump day.

And as always, it’s What I Ate Wednesday! This month, thanks to Jenn of course, those who are a part of the party are challenged to focus on eating green and eating as many veggies as possible.  This is great for me as I take part in the vegan challenge for Lent.

Oh ya..a little update on that. I have been feeling GREAT while eating this vegan diet. I have really been watching my intake and what is entering my body, and as a result, my body is loving me.  I have energy and I feel strong, even though my poor hip isn’t letting me work out like I used to.  This whole thing has also encouraged me to try foods that I normally don’t eat much of or that I had never tried before.  Like the tofu we tried the other day.  And hummus.  I had tried it once before but I have really been loving it lately.

Enough talking about it, though.  Here are some pics of what I’ve been eating this past week:


Rice pasta with hot sauce, corn, and peas


Toast with almond butter and strawberry jelly




Leftovers: baked sweet potato, brown rice with veggies, and of course, ketchup


Hummus and crackers


First time I tried this flavor…loved it as per usual


Green grapes in a green container!


More pasta!

I am hoping to make some pretty awesome meals from now on, though, due to the newest addition to my kitchen:


Don’t worry, it wasn’t $44.99.  We saw it in an ad for Boscov’s, and I had Trav pick one up for me for $20.00.  His brother brought it back to school with him (he goes to Ship, too!) and I just picked it up today.


Oh ya…it comes with a mini baby Smile


Looks like someone approves already!

Ok, sorry this is the longest post ever.  Happy WIAW! And check out Run to the Finish’s Vegan Challenge.  This is another motivator for me to keep my Lenten promise.  So many positives to this type of diet…and I am starting to feel and notice why so many people choose to live a vegan lifestyle.

One last thing, if you haven’t watched it already, watch this. (Thanks, Tara Smile)  KONY 2012.  I already ordered my bracelet.

Happy Wednesday! (I think I am so happy because the SUN IS SHINING AND IT’S 60 DEGREES!) Ok, enough. Bye.

Favorite Crockpot/slow cooker recipes. Ready, set, go.



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15 responses to “Happy as a Clam

  1. I’m jealous of the mini crock pot!

  2. http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/
    Go, live out your wildest slow cooking dreams.

  3. I freaking loveeee that almond/peanut/cashew butter from Target.. I mean all of the flavors in it, amazing! I don’t have a crock pot but am going to get one this summer!!

  4. We have that same crockpot at my house, but I have yet to make a crockpot dinner hahaha. I keep dabating it but then change my mind…every single time.

    • It makes me feel like a real person having one and I seriously can’t wait until I have more than 5 minutes to make food so that I can use it all of the time. What is my life when I am excited for cooking? Not me at all.

  5. fairyhealthylife

    I’ve always wanted to try that nut butter, but I always end up putting it back. I don’t know if I can handle one serving at a time!! 🙂

  6. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    That mini crock pot is SO adorable! I seriously want to cradle it in my arms haha

  7. love crockpot recipes. I just found one for stuffed peppers that I want to try ASAP

  8. Oh it’s so good to hear that you’re enjoying the vegan challenge!! I’ve already dabbled a lot with vegan foods and what not – I even calculated once that I eat an 85% vegan diet – but I’d love to go all out at some point! Even if just for a month!

    Best slow cooker meals is chili! My favorites is from the wegmans website and it’s called spicy black bean yam chili. So good. I also have made steel cut oats in the mini crock pot and it’s always delicious!!

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