This is going to be a short one tonight, and I don’t really know how much I will get to post over the weekend as I want to spend as much time hanging out with my sister and cousin as possible.  It is spring break after all, right?  Take a little break from stress and obligations and all that jazz!

I do have some really exciting news, though! So one of my favorite bands, fun., is on tour now and will be touring from now through the summer.  At first I was really bummed because both of their shows in Washington, DC sold out super fast.  And then they posted a show for Pittsburgh, and I look two days after tickets went on sale only to find out they sold out once more.


This is me in love with them the last time I saw them

Well, today, they decided to move the Pittsburgh show to a different venue so I hopped on the chance to buy tickets and am going for sure.  Trav and I saw them last summer but they just put out a new album so I am PUMPED. Like so pumped that I offered to pay for his ticket just so he’d go with me. He liked that part. I felt like fate was telling me that I had to buy the tickets as I was given another chance when I didn’t think I would have one!

You may know their song “We Are Young”, but this is one of my favorite songs by them. Soooo good!

Oh, and I have a question for you.  I really want to get a mandoline or something similar to cut veggies, potatoes, etc.  Any suggestions about good models that you like or have heard are good but aren’t going to break the bank? Any input is appreciated Smile

Until next time, have a great weekend! And for those of you who will be on spring break as well, enjoy the time off from some obligations!



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5 responses to “fun.!

  1. I absolutely love their “We Are Young” song! I just discovered it recently and haven’t been able to get enough of it lately! Congrats on getting tickets! That’s super exciting! 🙂

  2. I have never heard that song! I love when you share songs, I gotta load up my ipod! haha
    have fun this weekend w your sister and cousin!

  3. I have not heard of that song! Thank you for sharing, I need some new stuff. Have soo much funnnnn the next several days 😀

  4. I don’t think I’ve heard of that song. Hope you have a lot of fun this weekend!

  5. Tt in nyc

    Jealous of ur tix! That will be so much fun- i have an Oxo mandoline thats amazing and i ordered off amazon a few years back. It has different blades and non slippy feet. But, Use The Handguard!!!! the nickname japanese finger slicer is no joke….:/

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