DC Dreaming

I have been having an AMAZING weekend with my sister, Christine, and cousin, Lindsay.  As you may know, my sister lives in Maryland, which is very close to DC and other awesome areas!

I will do most of my recap through pictures because we just did so many fun things! Smile  This post will just be Friday and Saturday, though.  You’ll have to wait for another recap.  This post would have just been farrrr too long!


On Friday, we went to Georgetown Cupcake! (They had cupcakes, I had a soy cappucino)






On Friday night, we went to the yummiest/coolest Italian food place ever called Vapianos in Bethesda, MD.  They give you a credit-like card when you walk it, and you scan it at different stations to rack up your total bill.  At the stations, they make your food to order.  So for me, I chose spinach linguine with aglio e oilo (olive oil and garlic).  And some bread, of course.






And I normally don’t drink, but my sister knew the bartender and he was putting gummy bears in our drinks.  They were fantastic.  And thank goodness for fruity fu-fu drinks or I would have never enjoyed the gummy bears.   After dinner, we went dancing which I love! For some reason, I didn’t get any pictures, though!


On Saturday, we went to Tyson’s Corner: a huge shopping mall in Virginia.  We first went to the American Girl store, which I would have been OBSESSED with when I was younger.  My Bitty Baby was my life.  I am sort of jealous: everything they have this day in age is sooooo cool! I almost bought some…I am lame.




While shopping, I did buy a few new shirts and 2 pairs of jeans.  All of the shopping made us hungry, and so we checked out Seasons 52.  They claim that everything on their menu is under 475 calories, as they don’t use butter or have a fryer.  They also change their menu to match the in season foods. I got vegetable soup and a side salad that had toasted pumpkin seeds on it.  It was delish.



Alright, off to see Friends with Kids.  I think it looks very similar to Bridesmaids which makes me super excited to see it Smile. Stay tuned for another weekend recap!

Hope you’re all enjoying as beautiful of weather as DC is!



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6 responses to “DC Dreaming

  1. fairyhealthylife

    How fun! Sisters are always great to hang out with. That italian restaurant is really cool!

  2. hahaha your Bitty Baby was your life… too funny! I loved American Girl dolls, too!

    Seasons 52 is one of my favorites!

  3. you look like you are having a blast!
    I had an american girl doll, Kirsten. (can you see why? she EVEN looks like me HAHA)
    and gummy bears in a drink, YUM!

  4. Looks like a blast! Glad you’re enjoying yourself 🙂

  5. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Haha I was American Girl OBSESSED when I was young! Of course, my mom would never let me splurge on any of the dolls. Boooo.

  6. Lots of yummy food and drinks always make for a great weekend in my opinion!

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