Fun Photo Friday

Hope everyone is enjoying sunshine and fun like I am!

One of the best things about being home is looking at all of the old pictures that I can scrounge up and laugh about. Here’s a little taste of what I have been looking at (feel free to point and laugh…I sure did!).  Some of them come equipped with the captions my mother put on them back in the day!


“Christine and Nicole with all their friends” Spring ‘89


Nicole, the teacher


Nicole dressing up for Christmas dinner 12/25/93


First grade


Disney (2nd grade)


Summer after 6th grade (oh…)


8th grade dinner dance! (I’m far right)


Warped tour ‘04


July 19, 2004


2006 Swimming


Aweee that’s my bestie!

Ok I could go on for years with these pictures! Let’s just say that I knew what style was at a young age.  Oversized glasses? You know it.  Instead of continuing with the insanity, I am going to go take a shower after the quick home workout I did, and then go meet my bestie Missy for lunch! If you didn’t notice, she is in most of the pictures from the latter years!

Have a great day! Stay tuned for the giveaway winner later!



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7 responses to “Fun Photo Friday

  1. Gah! I love older pics!! The Jasmine costume is TOPS!!!!! Too cute! 😀

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Awe I love looking back at bloggers lives. So much fun!

  3. these pictures are awesome! And jasmine for xmas dinner, love it. what is a warped tour?

  4. I love scrounging up old pictures!! It was so fun to see oldies of you and your fab style :p

  5. The one with the stuffed animals is so cute/hilarious! This makes me what to dig up old photos…

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