So Happy It’s Thursday!

Any other Ellen DeGeneres fanatics out there? I adore her to pieces.  Last week on her show, instead of saying “T.G.I.F.”, she made up her own new acronym: “S.H.I.T.” – So Happy It’s Thursday!  What a clever one she is Winking smile.

Although today has been a great day, this post is actually going to be a recap from last night: the high school swim banquet.  First off, it’s really hard to go to a banquet with a pre-picked menu when you are vegan! I basically stuck to some salad and corn!

After a nice meal, season of pictures slideshow, and hour+ speech from the head coach Smile, the seniors were all recognized by their teammates and it was time to get down to some serious picture taking.  I am not going to lie, I haven’t seen these kiddos (who am I kidding, they’re bigger than me…) in a few weeks and I missed them!

Here are some of my favorites from the night!


That’s Rachel: One of my best friends and co-assistant coach… just figured you’d like to “meet” her (she’s in like every picture!)






I think the funny thing is that I look as old as all of them…if not younger. Oh man…hopefully this stays true and I continue to look younger than I am when I am old!  And I am going to miss all of the seniors and wish them the best in the future!!

PS I just did a killer at home workout.  I only have 5 and 3 pound weights, so I used combos of them!:

  • 10 minute biking warmup on my trainer
  • 3 supersets of 10 one arm curls and 10 tricep kickbacks per arm (using both 5 pound weights per arm)
  • 3 supersets of 15 lateral side raises and chest flies with hips elevated (using 5 and 3 pounds = 8 total per arm)
  • Huge core circuit to the tune of Zumba songs I have downloaded on my computer.  I lasted a whole song of continuous abs and back lifts, took a break, and did another song.  One rep per beat = dying.  Seriously try it.

Here’s a cool workout idea if you’re looking to squeeze workouts into an impossibly busy day.  Kind of hilarious but still could be useful especially with a bum hip like I have! A little is better than nothing Smile Check out Nano Workout!

And lastly, as I am already overly excited for this concert and it isn’t until June, here’s fun. and Panic at the Disco (which oddly is the exact combo + Weezer that I saw last summer!)

Enjoy your evening Smile

I am off to class for the first time this week…I had class last night but the banquet took 3.5 hours!!!!



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4 responses to “So Happy It’s Thursday!

  1. Haha! You do look the same age as many of them. I get that a lot too, so no worries. 🙂 Glad you guys had fun!

  2. dayglows

    Looking young is the best! I like the idea that I’ll look 30 when I am really 50.

    Love the Panic!/Fun song!

  3. I love your dress- you look so pretty!
    And I LOVEEEE ellen. i still have a few episodes to watch on my DVR (darn bathroom remodel getting in the way! haha)!

  4. fairyhealthylife

    Ha ha! She is hilarious! You do look younger than them, but of course very lovely!

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