Question of the Day

I just have one question:

Are you Team Peeta?

Or Team Gale?

On another note:

Happy Saturday Smile



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9 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. LOL to the last picture! I go back and forth with what team I am…. agh!!! Which are you?!

  2. GALE… although I do hope this movie doesn’t turn into a whole new Twilight thing. As much as I enjoy that series, the Edward/Jacob business started to annoy me to no end lol

  3. I do agree about it turning into a twilight ordeal. I like Gale because he is cuter. I have no other reason but that.

  4. AntosDoesLife

    HAHAHAHAHA. I love the last one. I’m team Gale for sure, although I haven’t seen the movie. The idea I have of Peeta in my head is not what I would choose as Katniss.

  5. haha love these!! did you see the movie?
    I would say Im team peeta in the books. But tall dark and handsome- Gale is VERY good looking.

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